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Coping With Panic Attacks What Are the Options Available?


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For all those who have experienced it, having a panic attack is one of the worst feelings you can experience. You literally feel like you're going to die. Luckily there have been many methods that have been found to help for coping with panic attacks. Below are just a few of the best ways.

1. Just keep in mind the cause of the panic attack. It is likely that the panic attack started from just thinking too much. Remember that they are just thoughts in your head. Because they're just thoughts, you can think positively the same way you started the panic attack. Just remember that the fear is only a thought. If you're out in public, head to safer place to think, and start coping with your panic attack.

2. Similar to one, tell yourself to slow down and think. Repeat calming phrases silently and slowly. Physically slow your movements and move your arms gently and slowly to try and bring your body and mind down from the racing.

3. From number two, here are some panic attack affirmations to help bring you back down:

-Calm is available now.

-I am overreacting.

-I am safe and it's just a perception that I am not.

-This comes from a part of me that hates me and I'm not going to let it win.

4. Put on music with songs that have good feelings to them but do not jazz you up. The music should calm you down and help you relax.

5. Light more than one candle and stay as near to the candles as you can. Keeping your eyes on the candles, let them almost hypnotize you back to a normal state.

6. Go outside or look out a window, and watch nature (or as much of it as you can). Notice how peaceful nature can be and help that calm you down. Watching other calm things in action helps coping with panic attacks so much easier.

7. Have a notebook handy to record down what make you agitated to the verge of a panic attack and what calms you down. It is a good idea to have such a notebook plus any other panic attack “first aid" notebook with you or near you all the time.

8. If you can, call a crisis line and tell them you are having a panic attack. Saying it out loud to a person you don't know can help more than you think. Just know that they are there to help you and do whatever it takes to calm you down.

Just remember that coping with panic attacks can be much easier if you are prepared for them at all times. Start living and don't let panic attacks control you and your life. Click Here to learn more about coping with panic attacks


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Stopping Panic Attacks Steps to Make Panic Attacks Stop
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