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Panic Attacks, Pregnancy Got You Freaking Out? Put Down the Ice Cream


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Panic attacks during pregnancy are way up. But, is it any wonder? What does a new mother hear about in today's day and age? Negative news, after negative news. It never stops. As if you didn't have enough to worry about. Now you have people telling you horror stories about complications or deformities. It's overwhelming.

In addition to that you're probably concerned about your finances and perhaps even saving for college for that little bun in the oven. Holy mackeral! Throw in the fact that you body is going through huge hormonal changes and blood sugar fluctuations and you have a recipe for panic attacks.

Not to worry though. Because panic attacks are extremely treatable and are actually very common. It may seem like you're the only one, but that's just not true. They definitely are extremely frightening and disturbing, but remember that it's just a slight and temporary brain imbalance.

What I don't want you to do is go on medication. Why? Because these medications have side effects and side effects aren't good for the baby. I know, I know, doctors might tell you differently. But, there aren't any long term studies out there, and I just wouldn't want you to take the risk.

No drugs. What I do think is appropriate is to not “let yourself go". Thus the title, put down the ice cream. I'm completely serious on this point, you should pay attention to your diet and exercise even more now than ever. You need to counterbalance all the crazy stuff that's going on in your body! Concentrate on protein and fruits and vegetables, these should always be your primary foods. They are so good for your body and for you mind, producing the chemicals needed for a calm brain.

As your pregnancy continues there will be some shuffling around of your organs, as you know. It may make it a little harder to breathe into your belly. Well, belly breathing is one of the things that calms the body down as effectively as taking a pill, so you need to practice this. Fifteen minutes a day will work miracles.

Sticking to a healthy diet, exercise, and a breathing regimen isn't enough to stave off panic attacks completely. You need to bring in a special tool that works for people with more chronic panic attacks and people with more serious phobias.

Having panic attacks is not only scary it's not good for your child because of all that unneeded adrenaline and stress hormone.

Hope you enjoyed Panic Attacks, Pregnancy Got Your Freaked out?: Put Down the Ice Cream. . . Learn about this special brain tool here .

The author is an expert on panic attacks through his own struggles and year's of research.


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