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How to Cure Social Anxiety Anxiety Self Treatment


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Social anxiety disorder is a chronic mental health condition that causes an irrational anxiety or fear of activities or situations in which you believe that others are watching you or judging you. You also fear that you'll embarrass or humiliate yourself.

9 Steps to Overcome your Social Anxiety

1. Imagine a stressful situation happening in a comfortable place.

2. Focus on personal qualities you like about yourself.

3. Eat with a close relative, friend or acquaintance (someone with whom you feel safe) in a public setting - a picnic or a restaurant.

4. Make eye contact and return greetings from others, or say hello first.

5. Prepare for conversation. For instance, read the newspaper to identify an interesting story you can talk about.

6. Give someone a compliment.

7. Show an interest in others. Ask about their homes, children and grandchildren, hobbies or travels.

8. Ask a retail clerk to help you find an item.

9. Get directions from a stranger.

The most effective way to cure social anxiety

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

This type of therapy is based on the premise that your own thoughts - not other people or situations - determine how you behave or react. Even if an unwanted situation doesn't change - you still have to make that presentation at work; your sister still expects you at her wedding - you can change the way you think and behave in a positive way. CBT teaches you how to quell the anxiety you feel in social situations so you can face such situations, rather than avoiding them.

- Therapist will first help you identify the automatic negative thoughts that underlie your fear of social situations. These negative assumptions might include thoughts such as “I don't have anything interesting to say" or “I'm going to look stupid. "

- Once you've identified these negative thoughts, you and your therapist will analyze and challenge them.

- For example, you may ask yourself questions about the negative thoughts: “Do I know for sure that I won't think of anything interesting to say?" or “Even if I'm nervous, will people necessarily think I look stupid?"

- Through this logical evaluation of your negative thoughts, you can gradually change them into more realistic and positive ways of perceiving anxiety-triggering situations.

- Other CBT techniques for social anxiety disorder might include role-playing and social skills training. As you act out and prepare for situations you are afraid of, you will become more and more comfortable and confident in your social abilities.

The best way how to cure social anxiety is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. It will teach you to recognize the thoughts, behaviors, and reactions causing your distress and then show you how to change these negative, anxiety-producing habits.

One of the most effective anxiety self treatment method based on cognitive-behavioral modification is The attacking anxiety and depression program. How to cure Social Anxiety by Anxiety Self Treatment?

Read more about - How to cure social anxiety with Lucinda Bassett.

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The ultimate goal of the program is to teach you to rely on your own skills through the recovery.


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