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Anxiety Problems? Just Relax Those Muscles and Take a Deep Breath

Douglas Hanna

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When you have finished reading this article, you will know how progressive muscle relaxation, deep breathing and mindfulness meditation can help you cope with anxiety attacks

If you have only mild to moderate anxiety attacks, there are several things you can do to help you relax and do a better job of coping with anxiety.

Fight or flight?

Anxiety is physical as well as emotional. It's your body's physical “fight or flight" reaction to something you perceive as a threat. If you have General Anxiety Disorder (GAD), you've probably experienced the physical part of anxiety -you breathe faster, your heart pounds, you feel light-headed and your muscles tense up.

Progressive muscle relaxation

When you make yourself relax, the opposite happens - your muscles relax, you breathe slower and your heart rates drops.

One good way to make yourself relax is through progressive muscle relaxation.

When you feel anxiety starting to take hold of you, take a time out from your worries by systematically tensing and then releasing different muscle groups in your body. For example, you could begin with your toes and then work up to your shoulders and neck - alternately tensing and relaxing each muscle group. You will find that as your body relaxes, you mind will relax as well.

Deep breathing

Have you noticed that when you're anxious, you breathe faster? This fast breathing, called hyperventilation, is what causes you to feel dizzy, breathless, lightheaded and your hands and feet may feel “tingly. "

These physical symptoms can be frightening and even lead to more feelings of anxiety and panic. To combat this, breathe deeply from your diaphragm and this can help reverse these symptoms and calm yourself.

Mindfulness meditation

In case you're not familiar with mindfulness meditation, it is meditating on the things in life which you physically can or cannot change. The idea behind this is to be mindful of all we do in your life. In turn, this should give you a greater awareness of your situations and surroundings - which results in a much more relaxed nervous system. While this may sound complicated, it really isn't.

One example of mindfulness meditation is that if you have digestive problems. In this case, you could be deliberate about your meal - what you are eating, why you need it and what it can do for you.

In other words, it just about being mindful, or aware, of those things you have control over.

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