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Panic Attack, Chest Pain Is it a Panic Attack Or a Heart Attack?


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Panic attack, chest pain is a symptom of panic attack and of a heart attack, so which one are you having? Chances are you chest pain is a symptom of panic attack if it is accompanied by the following symptoms, excessive sweating, nausea, feelings of unreality, choking, extreme nervousness, having a string of negative thoughts that won't go away, etc.

A close friend of mine wound up in the hospital a few months ago because of a panic attack. He thought he might be having a heart attack because of his chest pain, but he's only 34 years old with no history of heart problems. Allow me to give you a little more background on his particular situation. He's a salesmen for a large security software firm and was returning from a conference on an airplane when his symptoms began. He'd been under a huge amount of stress both physically and mentally over the past several days. Large amounts of coffee, alcohol, and nerve racking presentations had caused his panic attack. This is not uncommon. In addition to these stresses he had just moved in with his girlfriend and an engagement was looming. All of this pressure and stress created his panic attack.

Unfortunately once you have a panic attack, your body is prone to having them again. I know is his case, he confided in me that he was throwing up with no illness present. I told him to ease up on the coffee and the late nights and stick with his exercise as much a possible.

In addition to cutting back on coffee and alcohol, a sound diet and a relaxation program will do wonders for stress and panic attacks. Panic attack, chest pain is a warning sign that you're taking on too much stress, but you don't have to sit by and take it, there are plenty of things you can do.

Diet, exercise, and just sharing your fears with a close friend are great tools that you have at your disposal. Use them all, and you'll be well on your way to recovery and feeling normal again.

One last thing that I have found invaluable to combatting panic attacks is a cognitive tool which actually stops panics attacks when they start!

This method will give you the confidence that you have power over your panic attacks. And when you feel in control, the fears start the disappear on their own.

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