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How to Stop Anxiety Attack 4 Key Factors That You Need to Know


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Anxiety attack, also known as panic attack, can be a very frightening experience and its one of the worst feeling imaginable. Its effect can be so traumatizing that it will leave you anxious and fearful that it might happen again. Incidentally, this fear of another anxiety attack so happens to increase the chance of it happening again.

But you can learn how to stop this anxious feeling this instant through the following methods:

Relaxing Through Controlled Breathing

By learning how to control your breath, you can ease the uncomfortable symptoms significantly. Start while lying on your back. Place one hand on your chest and one hand on your belly. Focus on allowing the belly to rise easily when inhaling and fall when exhaling. HOLD THE CHEST STILL with your hand on your chest. The objective is to breathe all the time with the belly (diaphragm) and not the chest. This is a slow relaxed process and there should be no sense of effort.

Cutting down on Stimulants

Certain stimulants namely, alcohol and caffeine, can aggravate or induce anxiety attack. Anxiety attack sufferers are usually advised to cut down or stop their intake of such stimulants. Hence, drinks such as coffee, tea, coke, Pepsi, beer, etc. If you really must drink some tea or coffee then use the decaffeinated varieties.

Instead, drink more plain water and try to reach the recommended target of eight glasses a day.

Stop Smoking

There's no better time to stop smoking! Research have shown that nicotine will affect the cardiovascular system, causing rapid heartbeat and elevating the blood pressure. Smoking will only worsen the symptoms of anxiety attack.

Try cutting down or giving up totally and see for yourself the difference it can make!

Start Exercising

Although you may not feel like exercising, you can make significant progress with anxiety attack through regular exercise.

Jogging, swimming, cycling, etc, these are all simple exercises that anyone can do. Devote 30 minutes each day and see the HUGE difference it can make to your life.

Not only will your anxiety attack go away, you will be much healthier and fitter than before. Do you even need more incentive? Start exercising today!

Instead of viewing anxiety attack in bad light, take it positively! Take it as a wake up call to do something about your life. Make change to your diet and lifestyle today. Two weeks is all that it takes to recondition your lifestyle, and you get to reap the benefits for a LIFETIME!

Never Suffer From Anxiety Attacks Again!

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