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Symptoms of Anxiety Attacks

Douglas Hanna

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When you finish reading this article you will know whether or not you are suffering from anxiety attacks. This is due to the fact that you will have a better understanding of anxiety disorder by knowing the mental, physical and emotional symptoms of this condition.

Just about everyone experiences anxiety at one time or another. When I was in college, I was in the play, “Merchant of Venice, " and at one point, became -so overcome with anxiety that I totally forget 20 lines of dialog.

You might feel anxious about asking your boss for a raise or meeting your prospective in-laws for the first time. This kind of anxiety is normal and what I call “situation anxiety as it is triggered by a particular situation such as the two I just described.

True anxiety attacks

True anxiety attacks occur when there is no reason for you to feel anxious. For example, suppose you are mowing the lawn or unloading the dishwasher and suddenly feel so anxious that you have to sit down and take a break. In this case, it is likely that you are suffering from anxiety disorder.

The mental symptoms of anxiety attacks

People who suffer from anxiety attacks - or anxiety disorder - often report that their attacks usually last about 10 minutes. They also often say they experience intense and/or frightening realizations of reality, racing thoughts, a loud internal dialogue, and irrational thoughts. Other mental symptoms of anxiety attacks include feeling like nothing is real, feeling of impending doom, feeling of “going crazy, " feeling out of control, and feeling like no one understands what is happening and feeling as if you were going to die any second

Physical symptoms of anxiety attacks

There are many physical symptoms of anxiety attacks. You might feel a sensation of adrenaline going through your entire body, or sweating, stomach problems, racing or pounding heartbeat, shortness of breath, chest pain, headache, and dizziness or vertigo. Other physical symptoms include hyperventilation, feeling hot or cold flashes, chocking or smothering sensations, trembling or shaking, a feeling of claustrophobia, burning sensations, and tingling or numbness in the hands, face, feet or mouth.

The emotional symptoms of anxiety attacks

If you are having a true anxiety attack, you may feel tense and jumpy, irritable, restless and have trouble concentrating. You may also experience a feeling of dread or apprehension, or that your mind has suddenly gone blank.

See your doctor

If you are experiencing many of these symptoms and if you are feeling overcome by anxiety - even when there is no real reason to feel this anxious - be sure to see your family physician.

Can you imagine?

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