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Various Ways to Treat Anxiety Attacks

Aakash Shah

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A panic attack can be a very traumatic thing to experience but we can treat them easily with a little bit of effort. Let's discuss the various ways of treating an anxiety attack-

Try taking anti-anxiety medication- A person suffering from repeated anxiety attacks must consult a doctor and take anti-anxiety medications. There are a number of allopathic, Ayurvedic and herbal medications in the market which a patient can use to relieve the anxiety. But remember to never take any type of medication without consulting your doctor first as it can be dangerous.

Manage the symptoms - In case of an anxiety attack, the first priority should be given to treating the immediate symptoms of that attack like hyperventilation, nausea, dizziness, etc. The patient should be asked to take deep and long breaths and should be made to sit down at one place where he can get enough fresh air and oxygen. The patient should be given something to drink, preferably a glass of water as it calms our senses down.

Stay Calm- You should try to stay calm and be in the present. Try not to think about the future. The situation that's making you feel anxious should be seen as it is and not as something that will perpetuate in to a bigger problem in the future. Staying calm and focus is the most important and the most difficult thing while countering an anxiety attack but the patient must try to be as calm as he can.

Meditate - The most effective way of treating an anxiety attack is meditation. There are many meditation techniques which can help us relax and see the world with a positive attitude. The patient should try to meditate if he realizes that he is on the verge of having an anxiety attack.

Accept your condition - A person suffering from anxiety attack must accept that he is panicking and then figure out a way to cope with it. The patient must never try to fight or hide his feelings as panic will only increase if not tackled quickly. Such people may even develop many psychological issues if they are denied help at the right time.

Take a deep breath - If you are having an anxiety attack then try to do some breathing exercises. You must take deep breaths and try to breathe through your nose instead of your mouth as it will stop you from hyper ventilating which increases the anxiety.

Talk to Someone - While feeling panicky, the supportive words of a good friend or a family member can work like magic. So, find a person who knows you well and will support you. Talk to him when you are feeling anxious or panicky.

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