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What Can I Do About Anxiety? See What Foods You Should Eat and Avoid


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Eating a healthy diet can help with weight loss and other health factors, but did you know that it can also help with anxiety. Many foods that we eat can have an adverse physical reaction on our bodies and an adverse mental reaction as well. Some foods have been shown to increase anxiety levels and other have the ability to reduce anxiety. If you are asking yourself “What can I do about anxiety", the following list of foods to eat and avoid may be able to help.

Some foods that should be avoided with anxiety are:

* caffeine
* salt
* chemical additives
* sugar
* processed foods
* alcohol
* saturated fats
* simple carbohydrates

Some foods that should be used with anxiety are:

* vegetables
* fruits
* fish
* whole grains
* complex carbohydrates
* monosaturated fats
* nuts

Food allergies can cause increased anxiety symptoms. Some common food allergies are from dairy or wheat products. If you suspect a food allergy, try eliminating the common foods from your diet to see if that causes any positive changes.

Some people are very sensitive to chemical additives in food, such as food coloring, pesticides and hormones. A change in diet to eliminate these foods and switch to organic products could benefit you also.

A natural, and preferably organic, healthy diet will benefit your body both physically and mentally. Not only will a good diet help you lose weight and help with other health problems, but it can help with anxiety as well.

The above is not medical advice and is just for informational purposes. However, if you are suffering and wondering “what can I do about anxiety, " you should make an appointment as soon as possible with a mental health care professional. There is help available for so you will not need to be suffering any longer. Seek assistance soon and get your life back on track.

Answer your question “What can I do about anxiety " and get more information and tips about anxiety. Please make your decision now to change your life for the better and get back into control. Go to for help today. You deserve to live your life full of joy and peace!


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