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What to Do During Anxiety Attack Steps to Take and Not Take!


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The immediate thing you MUST do during anxiety attack is to assure yourself that your not dieing. Negative thoughts such as “I am having a heart attack!", “I can't breathe", “I am dieing" will only create more anxiety, worsening your condition. I know that it can be difficult, especially if your unfamiliar with anxiety attacks. But rest assured, its been medically proven that anxiety attack can NEVER kill you. This is the truth.

Remember the old saying? “That we resist, persists. " This applies perfectly to anxiety attack. Don't resist your attack. Go with it, knowing full well, and BELIEVING that it will end shortly. No doubt it will be uncomfortable, but you will not remain that way forever.

The next thing to do during anxiety attack is to breathe properly! During an anxiety attack, most sufferers have the tendency to breathe very quickly and shallowly. Such is a natural reaction to fear. But what happens eventually is that your making yourself hyperventilate. You may very well end up feeling dizzy, faint and numb. These are the symptoms of hyperventilation, and often mistaken with anxiety attack.

You can prevent these symptoms from happening by breathing slowly and deeply, from the abdomen. If need be, carry a paper bag with you so that you can breathe in it. By breathing in and out of a paper bag, your taking in the carbon dioxide that you exhale, restoring the balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide in your bloodstream.

Lastly, I wish to reiterate the important of positive thoughts. As mentioned earlier, negative thoughts doesn't help at all and will only worsen your anxiety attack. Hence its important to remind yourself these FACTS:

-Anxiety attack CANNOT cause you to die

-Anxiety attack CANNOT cause you to faint

-Anxiety attack CANNOT cause you to suffocate

-Anxiety attack CANNOT cause you to have heart attack

-Anxiety attack CANNOT cause you to go mad and lose control

The above are facts, not something I made up just to comfort you. They are the truth!

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