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Panic Attacks & Why You Should Laugh at Them

Michelle Tason

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Do you consider yourself a serious person? Of course all of us are serious at certain times. But by serious I mean do you seem to be a much more serious person than most people? Do you seem more tense or react to things a little stronger than the average person?

I think the answer to this is probably yes. You see, people that have panic and anxiety attacks seem to be much more sensitive to situations that may involve a difficult decision, crises, or a fearful experience.

If your a person who is constantly feeling worried or “stressed out" your are much more vulnerable to lapse into a panic attack.

So as a sufferer from panic disorder what do you do when you've lapsed into a panic attack? Do you fight it mentally to try to get it to stop? Do you curl up in a ball quivering while your mind is racing?

Everyone has their own way of dealing with their panic attacks and it is quite different from person to person.

Did you know that people with panic disorder are very very smart individuals? Yes that indeed is a plus. However it can also play against them. The reason it can play against them is that they develop a keen sense of their inner self with overly obsessive thoughts.

Basically too much thinking about negative thoughts with the onset of stress can bring a person to succumb to the symptoms of a panic attack. Once that fear is felt, the mind becomes afraid of what can happen next- a panic attack.

When I'm having a panic attack I relax completely and just say to myself I've had these hundreds of times over 30 years and this one is not any different than the last one. I will not die from a panic attack and people do not die form panic attacks. I will then laugh at my panic attacks and change my mind set to think “the heck with it". Its here and it will pass.

Guess what happens when I change my mind set? You guessed it, my panic attack will almost instantly subside.

I've suffered from severe symptoms of panic attacks for nearly 30 years. It's time for you to also stop living in fear. Get more free advice that can stop your panic attacks forever. Go to my blog How To Stop Panic Attacks


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