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Anxiety Attack Symptoms


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People who have never experienced them may find it hard to imagine what an anxiety attack is like. The anxiety felt by those who suffer from this condition is very, very intense and can be absolutely terrifying. The main symptoms of these attacks are:

- feeling out of breath or even like you are choking

- very rapid heartbeat

- heavy sweating

- trembling and shaking

- feeling like you are going to die or go crazy

Often simply identifying and recognizing these symptoms can help people deal with their attacks. People who don´t know they are having an anxiety attack will usually feel a lot more panic than those who do.

Experiencing anxiety, even very strong anxiety is considered normal if there is a good reason for it. It is a natural response to danger and is actually useful if your life is under threat. However when the feelings of anxiety occur without any reason at all there may be a problem, especially if it happens a lot.

Anxiety attack symptoms are usually treated with prescription medication. While these medications do work very well, they only provide a short term solution and do not address the true causes of the anxiety. They may also create dependence and have certain side effects.

A better long term treatment for anxiety attacks is therapy. Unlike medications, it will teach the patient how to deal with his attacks and eliminate its mental causes.

Anxiety attacks can be successfully eliminated, even without medication. All it takes is a little determination and help from the right person.

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Anxiety Panic Attack Disorders Symptoms and Treatment Options
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