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About Anxiety Disorders


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The term anxiety disorder can be used to describe many different mental health problems. These can be minor, like small but irrational fears or more serious like extreme phobias or panic attacks. People who are constantly nervous also suffer from an anxiety disorder, as do people who suffer from anxiety attacks.

While the exact cause of anxiety disorders is still largely unknown, the most accepted theory is that they are caused by too much stress that has accumulated in the mind over time. If a person does not deal with this stress properly an anxiety disorder may develop. Sometimes anxiety attacks can also be a secondary effect of another disorder such as asthma.

Anxiety disorders will often be treated with medication, usually in combination with counseling. Some drugs used to treat them include Imipramine and Alprazolam. While these drugs can be effective in suppressing the symptoms of anxiety they do not treat the cause and can have unwanted side effects.

Lots of people who suffer from anxiety can benefit from sharing their problems with others. Support groups or even online chat rooms can sometimes be helpful. For some people just talking with someone they trust can be enough to help them cope with their anxiety. Still, in most cases the best way to effectively deal with anxiety disorders is by visiting a mental health professional.

Studies have shown that therapy will often be more effective than medication. Still, this will depend on the person´s individual needs. A treatment for anxiety disorders should always be highly personalized.

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Anxiety Disorders - Cognitive Therapy vs Psychoanalysis
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