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How To Cope With Anxiety


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Most of us, at one time or another, have been
touched by anxiety, understand the state of
distress it causes.

I'm suggesting, here, ways to manage it, not
replace a physician visit. However, if
you learn to cope with anxiety, maybe, you'll
have less calls to your doctor.

Anxiety is excessive worrying about people,
family, money, health, the cat meowed
differently this time, and/or school. People
with anxiety expect the worst to happen.

A person's life becomes a day of fear. It's
non-stop anxiety. There isn't a waking
moment when anxiety doesn't loom in the

One method to cope with anxiety is to
reason it away.

"How?" You rubbed the cat.

Let's look at examples.

During the recession, many people are
in fear of not having enough money. Be
wise. Cut back on dining out, stop buying
unnecessary items, or drink water instead of
buying a certain beverage. If it's not vital
to sustain your life, leave it in the store.
Buy in bulk. Don't forget to use coupons.

Store brands perform as well as the name
brands. Find ways to adjust until
circumstances improve.

Use concern for what you have control
over. It should be reasonable, not

"What do you mean?" You blurted.

Is there a family member in crisis?
Let's say, it's your cousin, and he is
abusing drugs.

Don't sit around full of anxiety, but
gather-up your family. Encourage,
push, him to get help. Demand it. Point
out, there are no options unless you include
death. If necessary, take him by the hand
to a facility for help.

You took an action, and didn't allow anxiety
to destroy, inhibit, your ability to function.
You learned to put excess energies into
life, a project.

Apply the same method to health issues.
There's zero relief in feeding a disease,
condition, with anxiety. It makes it worse.

Make an appointment to see your health-care
provider. Remedy the condition early, and
leave anxiety out of the equation.

Assign the method to doing better at school,
college. Grades fell? You're full of anxiety
about it.

Look at what you're doing. Cut-out visits,
parties. You'll have to give-up habits that
steal your study time, and bring on anxiety.

Your anxiety level goes down, grades
up. Plus, you'll be happier.

"I can handle anxiety. " You laughed.

Constant anxiety leads to concentration
problems, ulcers, headaches, sleepless
nights, muscle tension, crankiness, and
other conditions.

On the days anxiety has your mind, stop.
Relax. Take a few deep breaths. Let them
out, slowly. Exercise, always, helps. Go
for a walk. Read a book. Do any calming

Afterwards, return to your normal routine.
Get in the ritual of doing a calming activity
everyday, to block anxiety.

Stop eating or drinking anything that stirs
anxiety in you. If coffee speeds you up, makes
you anxious, try decaffeinated coffee. Or,
a beverage free of caffeine.

Cope with anxiety by taking common-sense
steps. Look at the situation, reason it away.
Adjust your behavior patterns to, successfully,
manage anxiety.

Marcella Glenn is a freelance writer who has spent most of her life writing. Her work includes dabbling into the world of poetry as seen through her book, Piece Of Life. She is no stranger to non-fiction, enjoys a mix-n-match approach to characters from fiction to non-fiction. She re-shapes, molds, characters into becoming friends. They remain on the page awaiting her next move into their world.


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