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Alternative Treatments for Anxiety Attacks


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Anxiety attacks are described as an onslaught of feelings made up primarily of fear and dread that can overwhelm an individual. The length of these anxiety attacks may last for several seconds only up to a few minutes but other individuals may be unfortunate enough to have some that can reach up to days. The frequent attacks can affect an individual's life in all aspects causing him to be debilitated and not function well as a person. Due to the rising number of people who experience anxiety attacks there are many products that claim to be able to treat and manage these.

Traditional medicine have the most effective cures and treatments for anxiety attacks but these come at a steep price because most are highly addictive and some can have damaging effects on our bodies. Alternative treatments, on the other hand, are treatments that you ingest, apply topically or disperse into a room for aromatherapy.

Symptoms of a Panic Attack

Knowing the symptoms of an anxiety attack can help you immensely in nipping it in the bud and managing it effectively. Common signs that you might be having an anxiety attack are shortness of breath, accelerated or uneven heart rate, clammy extremities, profuse sweating and even losing your sense of reality. These are not exaggerations and many individuals who are prone to these anxiety attacks succumb to these signs and symptoms.

Alternative Treatments for Anxiety Attacks

Many alternative treatments for anxiety attacks focus not only on herbal derivatives but also in treatments that do not need to be ingested or drank. Herbs that effectively calm and soothe a person when he is suffering from anxiety include Chamomile, Gotu Kola, and American ginseng. These herbs have shown effective results in calming a person in the throes of a panic attack. Many of these herbs have been used for decades in Ayurvedic and Chinese alternative medicine. Alternative medicines stores usually have these herbs not only as treatment for anxiety but also for a host of many other conditions.

Alternative medicine is not entirely focused on herbal cures. There are also many other treatments for anxiety that utilized massage, aromatherapy and other treatments. Massage can actually soothe and calm an individual feeling anxious and aromatherapy combined with rest and a quite room can do wonders. You can try to overcome and manage anxiety by guiding yourself into being calm. Breathing exercises can help to calm an individual while talking and guiding yourself to comfortable state of mind also works. This is highly effective for those who do not get anxiety attacks often. The feeling being in control of yourself can be instrumental in being less anxious over things and events. When you learn to distinguish the symptoms of a coming anxiety attack, you can try to intercept these by doing mental exercises to calm yourself before the attack becomes serious.

These anxiety treatments may take some time for you to master but they are more effective and safe than any other medicine your doctor might recommend. Initially, you might need the support of your family and friends to manage without medication but these ways are more beneficial than being dependent on drugs or harming your body.

Being confident in things that you do will help reduce the occurrences of anxiety attacks. Knowing what lies ahead and learning what to expect will cushion you from any shocks and triggers that may cause anxiety attacks. Although some anxiety attacks are random and have no causes at all, you can help yourself by learning to reduce those that occur due to triggers.

These are just suggestions and may be helpful for some individuals. There are more ways and practices that can help to reduce the anxiety a person feels when having an attack. Taking your life in your hands and trying to control these attacks is a step in the right direction.



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