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Anxiety Attacks - Once You Know Your Symptoms, It's Time To Find a Cure

Todd Boshaarz

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After my first panic and then anxiety attack, I was terrified to have another one. I remember how badly I wanted to figure out how to rid myself of these horrible feelings when they rushed upon me. The first step was to put a name to what I was feeling, and then it was my goal to get rid of them for good.

Soon after starting a program full of techniques I started implementing these techniques in the heat of the moment when it mattered most. I was at a local hardware store picking up some supplies when, BOOM, it happened. I was having an anxiety attack. There were a few steps I took to make it go away, they were as follows:

1. Deep Breathing

I knew I had to concentrate on some deep, controlled breathing. I started to count my breaths, in and out, one by one. This helps IMMEDIATELY on ridding of the attack. When you can control your breathing you feel like your in control. The only way to do this is to actually focus on breathing both in and out smoothly and slowly.

2. Focusing on an Object

The key here is to focus on something other than the attack. I understand that in the moment it can be extremely difficult to attempt to focus on anything else, but the more you practice this the easier it becomes. It's the process of taking your mind off the thoughts or feelings that are causing the panic. You can focus on an object in the area your in, or you can think of a favorite song. The key is just to get your thoughts off what is going on.

These two techniques can help out tremendously, but are only a couple of many you can use. Applying these techniques may very well help you out of your next episode.

Todd Boshaarz is a former sufferer of severe Panic/Anxiety attacks, if you're ready to overcome your Panic/Anxiety attacks, feel free to visit for more information.


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4 Frequently Experienced Anxiety Attacks Symptoms
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