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Do You Know How To Prevent Anxiety Attacks?


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Anxiety attacks are very hard to deal with. If you've never had one it's nearly impossible to know the feeling. You get nervous, sweat, your heart starts racing uncontrollably, and it seems that your life is ending.

Adults aren't the only ones who may experience an attack. Even children and teenagers go through it and it often times causes them to not do well in school.

To prevent anxiety attacks you must first examine what causes them to happen. Everyone has a different cause for their attacks but there are a few things that have been linked to most occurrences.

Sugar and caffeine both aggravate brain chemicals in those who regularly go through panic problems. These substances stimulate brain activity which leads to anxiety.

Worrying about another anxiety attack itself can lead to more of them. Also too not getting enough sleep is a major cause for an attack.

Maybe you drink a lot of caffeinated drinks like soda, coffee, and energy drinks. You might even get less than eight hours of sleep daily. All of these factors play a part in preventing anxiety. Try cutting back on caffeine and drink more water. Record late night television shows and watch them the next day in order to get your needed rest.

Anxiety attacks only seem like they are unpreventable. They can be stopped. Many people are living proof of this and they successfully made it on their own without being prescribed medications or seeking treatment through a therapist.

Simply apply a few of the tips you've gained here and you too will be able to prevent anxiety and panic attacks.

If you feel like it's time for a change in your life, head over to for some free tips and resources designed to help you block anxiety. Howard Litmon is a self-help expert who has helped many with various forms of stress.


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Understanding the Causes of Anxiety Attacks and Panic Attacks
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