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Anxiety Attack Symptoms


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You might be one of those people who are suffering from frequent anxiety attack symptoms so you realize how really hard it is even to go into a crowded room. You yourself realize the utter horror that accompanies a relatively easy task like answering ones telephone or taking part in simple conversations. If you are living in the reality of that realm of anxiety attacks, you know that it is also a world of loneliness, self-disdain, fear and hopelessness.

One can never really understand the frustration and misery produced by an anxiety attack until he makes a serious effort to research the symptoms and effects. Unlike other diseases or sicknesses, anxiety disorders do not command the attention of the public as do others. Many who are addicted with an anxiety disorder are too often ridiculed when they display anxiety symptoms.

To better understand the reality of an actual anxiety attack, think of a time when you were so stricken with fear that you lost complete control of your actions and your emotions. Now imagine this fear coming upon you, perhaps with ever increasing intensity, at unexpected times wherever you may be every day. Just the expectation of that fear or dread coming again may trigger it to happen.

Can you imagine what devastating changes in your life these anxiety attack symptoms would make? Stop and think a minute. Would you want to be at your work, your church service, or at your child's birthday party when one of these attacks occurred? Depending upon which of the anxiety disorders you were experiencing, you might refuse to drive or travel in any vehicle; you may withdraw completely from family and all social affairs; you may find yourself doing outlandish things to avoid situations, objects, animals or such that may trigger the anxiety.

Another way your life would be affected is by the physical symptoms of an anxiety attack. Because you begin experiencing an accelerated heartbeat, dizziness and difficulty breathing, you may think you are having a heart attack. Other physical symptoms are loss of concentration, an inability to focus, weakness in the legs, all of which intensify the feelings of panic and dread. Just from imagining all this happening, you can understand that anxiety attacks are something to be taken seriously and require treatment, not ridicule from those ignorant of the heartbreaking and sometimes catastrophic effects on the individual and the family.

If you are suffering from general anxiety, there are coping interventions such as breathing exercises, reducing caffeine and adjusting your diet, relaxation exercises, and other calming activities such as meditation, yoga, and prayer that are effective. However, if your anxiety has become intensified to the place that it is now an anxiety disorder, you will need to seek professional help and thankfully, there are many excellent treatments and therapies available to put your life back on track.

I believe that if you are experiencing anxiety attack symptoms the greatest resources you have is first of all the comfort of God, then the comfort and encouragement from supportive friends and people who might have experienced some of the same symptoms, and especially those who have worked their way through their anxiety. When times are rough these are invaluable resources-knowing you have a God who will listen as well as friends who are not judgmental. But most of all look up and for heaven's sake don't GIVE UP.

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Anxiety Panic Attack Disorders Symptoms and Treatment Options
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