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Do You Suffer From Panic Attack Anxiety?

Marie O'Hara

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First of all, I guess I should make it clear that this isn't a real medical term - it is just one that I have come up with to describe what I was feeling. Many of the treatments and experts only deal with the symptoms of an actual anxiety attack. So, I have come up with what I call “panic attack anxiety".

What exactly is it supposed to describe? For me, and I am sure many other sufferers of this type of panic disorder, it is what I have used to explain how I felt any time I had to be in public, or even sometimes when I was alone. The anxiety of worrying about when another panic attack was going to happen.

This is very real for many sufferers, because their lives become almost controlled by the fear that they will have another attack. And, for anyone who has never suffered through one on their own, it is hard to imagine what the big deal is. Well, it can be a very big deal. A panic attack is scary to have to go through, and there really is no other way to describe it.

Although the actual attack itself is scary, sometimes the worry about when the next one will happen can be just as scary. What if I have another one when I am at my best friend's wedding? What about at my daughter's dance recital? The worry is always there that it will strike in the middle of something important in our lives, and the fear of having others witness it is almost more than we can deal with.

Suffering from an anxiety disorder can consume your life if you let it. Not only will you have to live through the attacks themselves, but you will have to live with the “panic attack anxiety", and that will take up all of your thoughts. Don't let it have control of your life. Get the help you need, and take back control. Imagine being able to go to all of the important events in your life without having to worry about what will happen. That is when you can see how life is meant to be.

If you feel that you are suffering from panic attack anxiety , you can read more great articles and see the program that has helped thousands of others get over their panic attacks at . You deserve to enjoy every moment of your life.


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