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Overcoming Panic Attacks - It Is Time To Take Back Control Of Your Life

Marie O'Hara

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Anyone who has suffered from an anxiety attack knows how debilitating they can actually be. The fear is very real - and you live with it every moment. Not only do you have to suffer through an attack itself, but you have to live in constant worry that another one will happen at any moment. Well, I am here to tell you that overcoming panic attacks is possible, and you can begin to enjoy your life again.

First, I want to describe how a person who is going through one of these attacks actually feels, so that anyone who has never had to experience one for themselves can really understand how it can be to go through. Imagine that you are standing up as matron of honor at your best friend's wedding. You have had panic attacks before in your life, so you spend every day leading up to the wedding worrying about having one at the most important moment in your best friend's life.

On the day of the wedding, you are almost overcome with fear of what will happen. As you go down the aisle, you can feel the anxiety building already. The whole time you are standing up there, all you can think about is keeping yourself calm and under control - you don't even get to hear a thing that is being said on this glorious day for your friend.

Soon, you realize that it is happening. Most likely the constant worry has brought it on, but whatever the case, you know what is about to happen. You start to feel hot and flushed, and you start to tremble. You try to control your breathing, and just hold out until the ceremony is over. You feel that everyone is looking only at you, and can see that something is happening. Your heart starts beating so hard, you are sure that everyone can hear it. You begin to feel dizzy and almost feel as though you are no longer in your own body - that you are watching it all happen, but are helpless to stop it.

Then comes the time that we all worry will happen - you can't remain there any longer, because you feel like everything is coming apart, and everyone is watching. What can you do? You end up having to flee as gracefully as you can. Now, that panic attack has taken away your wonderful memory of your best friend getting married, and will rob you of enjoying the rest of the day.

That is what it feels like. But, overcoming panic attacks is possible, and you owe it to yourself to find what works for you. Don't let them control your life. Enjoy every one of life's special moments without needing to fear that another one will happen.

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Panic Attacks and the Fear of Losing Control
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