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What Helps The Most With Social Anxiety?


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There are millions of people that suffer every day from social anxiety, they are usually afraid of dealing with people, talking with strangers, going to public places, speaking in public, being embarrassed and being judged by others.

Those fears cause severe anxiety and depression that can last for a very long time if its not treat it correctly. Some of the side effects of not treating social anxiety are alcoholism and drugs. About 20% of all the people with social anxiety use alcohol as a way to cope with their anxiety symptoms and be able to be in social situations.

This personality disorder can become very frustrating and severe depression is very common, some people with this disorder have a few close friends that they see, but there are others that avoid any kind of people and their problem interfere with their correct functioning every day.

They stop going to work, to school, they don't go to social activities, they avoid any possible social situations where they are going to feel anxious.

This disorder cause emotional and physical symptoms such as palpitations, nausea, headaches, sweating and much more.

Social Anxiety Treatments

There are different social anxiety treatments that help to reduce and control some of the anxiety symptoms.

There are many drug medications that doctors prescribe to treat social anxiety and reduce some of their symptoms such as: phenibut, xanax, picamilon, pregabalin, neurontin, lexapro for social anxiety and many others. Those medications are classified in SSRIs, SRNIs, Beta Blockers, benzodiazepenes and others.

However there are 3 anti depressants that are approved by the FDA they are Paxil, Zoloft, and Effexor.

However those medications can cause side effects such as nausea, headaches, changes in *** behavior and many more that you doctor will tell you, this is why you need to go with a psychiatrist of physician so he can monitor your progress and avoid any risks.

The most helpful treatment for social anxiety is psychotherapy, it will help you identify and erase your irrational fears so you are not anxious and nervous in front of people any more. Behavioral therapy is the most common type of psychotherapy and it works very well.

You should also find some social anxiety help groups to help you go on and make some new friends that understand you and want to support you.

If you want to overcome social anxiety you need to get this report that will help you cure it by being your own psychiatrist:visit: How to Overcome Social Anxiety

You can also visit: overcoming social anxiety


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