Tighten Loose Skin To Improve Your Body Image - Top 3 Strategies


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Wrinkles, creases, lines, folds, floppy and sagging skin that's lost its tightness and gone lax. Who needs it? When loose skin ‘breaks out’ on your face, you feel like burrowing into a cave and hiding. Your face is so public, and not even a sorcerer's magic can turn a “sow's ear into a silk purse", once age and skin laxity set in.

For women, aging plus gravity alone are going to conspire, forcing changes in your breast shape and muscle tone. Add sagging skin, an increase in breast fat deposits and you've got the ‘perfect storm’ reason why you need to tighten loose skin so that you can begin feeling better about yourself again.

Strategy 1: Reduce Sagging Skin Non Surgically - Skin Rejuvenation. Getting smoother skin, a more youthful and attractive body image has gotten easier. An exciting burst of innovation in the non surgical non invasive field has resulted in new products such as anti wrinkle skin formulations, applied topically.

* Alpha Hydroxy. Top-of-the-skin applications such as alpha hydroxy remove outer most dead and dry cells, revealing smoother moister vibrant skin tissue beneath.

* Chemical Peels. When fine lines and saggy skin need “dressing", medically supervised chemical peels offer a proven safe technique to separate and remove outer skin tissue layers. Treatments are quick, safe, easily scheduled, and widely available.

* Thermage. Thermage radio frequency (heat) application to your face will certainly tighten loose skin, while you stimulate the production of new, healthy collagen.

Strategy 2: Tighten Loose Skin Surgically. Face it. Some amount of aging, family genetics, and lifestyle will place you “beyond the reach" of topical skin rejuvenation solutions, or even high tech state-of-art radio frequency Thermage or ultrasound therapies. You may be facing a large intractable fat tummy, sagging skin and fat deposits in your neck, saggy skin and significant arm fat, or deep creases and furrows across your forehead.

* Tummy Tuck Plus Liposuction. Increasingly, women and men are losing stomach fat and sagging skin and accompanying skin flats by undergoing elective tummy tuck surgery. A board certified surgeon develops a surgery plan, estimates with you the amount of saggy skin and tummy fat that can be safely excised.

Strategy 3: Face Lift And Brow Lift And Neck Lift. Everyone sees you head and neck. So whether you have just a little spare skin, a “turkey neck" appearance or deeper loose skin condition, you and your qualified surgeon can establish a safe surgery plan reduce and tighten loose skin so that you get smoother skin, you look younger, more confident and more attractive.

Review technical details, treatment costs, health risks, how to qualify for treatment, and how to identify and a select the best health professional:

Skin Rejuvenation, Face Lift http://www.beauty2morrow.com/face/

Tighten Loose Skin http://www.beauty2morrow.com/body/loose-skin.htm

Author Robin Derry publisher of http://www.beauty2morrow.com/ a specialty information site that gives solutions to body image and body shaping needs.


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