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It’s in our culture to try to reverse the aging process or slow it down by any means. Many studies have been done on the subject and inventions to slow down aging process are done. Each one of us would like to reverse the aging process or slow it down, by studying, finding, and using the latest best anti-aging treatment available. We always wanted to remain as beautiful as we were in our teenage age when life was less involved, less complicated, less demanding and our skin was tight and had a glow. We need anti-aging treatment to erase the life-battle scars developed on our body with times. We still desire to show off white teeth, shiny hair, and perky this or tight but we realize that gone are those times and now this is only a dream.

In one way it is a keen feeling of mental unease, as of annoyance or embarrassment, caused by failure and disappointment whenever we think that “youth is wasted on the young. ” The other way as one of my friend who is around seventy or eighty years says is that it is fair to acknowledge that as we age we “fall apart”. Our body parts need constant care and supplements as, eyes become weak, hips and other joints need replacing, organs are weak. Moreover, skin, the largest of all human organs also starts deteriorating. It reveals the fact known as “free radical damage. ” as it dries cracks and mars with the growing age. The main reason for skin damage is that as we age our skin exfoliates less often due to which sebum production slows which supplies less oil to the skin resulting in its dryness and flattening of skin layers causing thinner skin. Moreover, collagen stabilizing enzymes decrease and blood vessels become thin disturbing the usual blood flow. Hence, the only option left is anti-aging treatment.

Elastin, a protein similar to collagen that is the principal structural component of elastic fibers enhancers is widely used in anti aging treatment. Anti-aging treatments have a wide range and market. It includes plumping lips, raise brow, flatten protuding belly, splaying of nose bones. All this is a natural phenomenon in the aging process. Remember those old high school days when you were stud and never required cosmetic reconstruction or Erectile Dysfunction drugs to overcome impotence.

Although we have somehow managed to slow down the aging process but despite all our anti-aging treatment and fixation we continue to age. Statistics show that the life expectancy ratio has increased with low death rate but this is not necessarily due to minor or occasional anti-aging treatments. This is the result of evolution, preservatives, and poisons, as well as healthier living that includes eating well, exercise, and resting enough.

Anti-aging treatment plans do not conquer aging or death but are just contributing to prolong health and physique for a bit longer. People in their mid to late years care about staying alive and living a quality life but are care less about what others have to say about their living style and behavior. We are just beginning to invest in our holistic health and care less about material or other external gains like superficial forms of nurturing. We will now concentrate on understanding peace, prayer, serenity and solitude. We very well know the use and results of anti aging treatments today. is a website dedicated to providing articles about health and wellness and fitness. Click through for more articles.


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