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New Red Light Therapy Tanning Booths


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The latest and fastest growing craze in the indoor tanning industry is growing trend of using red light therapy tanning booths for collagen rejuvenation and anti-aging. With UV revenue continuing to drop salon owners are looking for another source to replace the lost revenue. Sunless and spray tanning are still increasing, but not at a rate fast enough to replace the drop in UV tanning. The new red light therapy tanning beds may be the answer to this problem. Although very new to market several salons are seeing impressive results from adding a single red light skin rejuvenation tanning bed. Most salons are choosing to charge a monthly membership good for unlimited use. The average cost is between $59 and $89. By adding as few as 150 customers you can make over $150,000 extra per year.

Red Light Therapy Tanning Lamps

The reason to only sell the red light therapy as a monthly membership package for a minimum of three months is that it requires frequent visits to show results. In order to retain clients in the long-term you need to make sure they understand that they must come on a regular basis. At first they will need to come between four and five times per week for the first three months. At the end of this initial regiment they should begin to visually see changes in their skin and a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. Contiual usage at this level will only benefit them, but if they do not have the time they can drop down to two sessions per week.

How does red light therapy work? The theory is that by using a tanning lamp that produces light at 633 nm blood will flow to the surface of the skin and encourage a higher rate of circulation. This causes the body to begin to produce collagen which will over time fill in wrinkles and fine lines. The anti-aging properties will also help to leave skin looking fresh and young again. One of the great parts about using red light therapy tanning booths to get rid of wrinkles and age spots is that you do not have to give up UV tanning while undergoing the treatment. It is also possible to still spray tan, though the nature of spray tanning may inhibit the ability of the light rays to penetrate your skin as well and thus slow down the results.

If you are a salon owner looking to buy a red light tanning bed or red light tanning booth there are several factors to make sure you look into. First of all, look to buy from a commercial manufacturer that has a good reputation. Because it is a new trend there are plenty of new companies that are popping up trying to capitalize on the new fad. Unfortuneately the tanning systems need to be finely tuned and designed to fit the red light tanning lamps. Some salon owners are trying to simply convert older pieces of tanning equipment by swapping the lamps out, but this will be ineffective in delivering the proper results and is not a good idea. If you are charging such a high premium to use the equipment but you cannot show any results your customers are most likely going to quit as well as spread bad news about your salon.

Sun Capsule the world leader in vertical tanning will be introducing a new red light therapy tanning booth by the end of 2010 featuring 2 meter cosmedico lamps and an integrated countdown timer and stereo and MP3 system.


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