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The Only Effective and Safe Anti Aging Wrinkle Creams You Should Use


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What's in your anti aging wrinkle cream? I know what's in mine and why it's effective. Do you? I also know the ingredients are safe. Do you?

If you answered “no" to either of those questions, then your anti aging wrinkle cream could be doing more harm than good. For many years, the cosmetic industry relied on petroleum jelly and alcohol to solve everyone's skincare issues.

Those are not the safest, best or the most effective ingredients, but they are the cheapest. If your cosmetics and other health and beauty aids contain them, then your skin will not heal as quickly, you will increase dryness and speed up the aging process.

Environmental and public safety groups have petitioned companies to stop using hazardous chemicals in their products. But, it's hard to get anything like that accomplished.

California had to sue major Lay's and other food manufacturers to get them to stop using the carcinogen acrylamide in their potato chips. I'll doubt if anyone will ever get the cosmetic industry to stop using it.

In the old days, lotions and creams did not penetrate the pores; enter the blood stream, the tissues and the muscles. But, the latest technology is specifically designed so that anti aging wrinkle cream will penetrate deeply.

That's safe ingredients are even more important today, than ever before. But, that's enough about the “bad stuff". Just remember to buy from a manufacturer that has signed the “Compact for Safe Cosmetics". Otherwise, you'll have to really “dig" to learn what's really in your anti aging wrinkle cream.

Some of the most effective compounds are very new. Others are very old. Basically, they've all been around forever, because they are all extracted from plants, except for one, which is actually extracted from sheep's wool.

Think of the softness of wool and you understand why it might be good for your skin. The keratin in sheep's wool is very similar to the keratin in human skin.

Keratin is simply a protein. It has been extracted from other sources for use in lotions and creams, but the manufacturing process denaturalizes the tiny fragments and renders it inactive.

The new Functional Keratin is a specific brand of the protein that is manufactured gently, so that it remains active and can be used by the body to build new cells and elastin fibers. Research has shown that it reduces wrinkles, increases firmness and even “cheats" a little by refracting light, so that wrinkles are less noticeable.

That's the new compound, the old one is jojoba. It was used traditionally by Native American healers to treat skin wounds, heal injuries and prevent scarring.

Many natural lotions contain jojoba. It is the best moisturizer for anti-aging creams, because it reduces wrinkles, in the same way that it fades stretch marks and scars. It is actually one of the best moisturizers for any skin type or condition, because it is very close to the skin's own sebum.

It may take a little time to find the safest and most effective anti aging wrinkle cream, since they don't sell it in shopping malls. But, if you really want to look younger, it's worth the effort it takes to find it.

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