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What Should an Anti Wrinkle Face Cream Do For You?


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No one likes looking older than they feel! A good face wrinkle cream can make a difference in your looks, literally turning back the clock for you! Well, at least that is what all the advertisements say. Maybe you can't expect a miracle overnight, but with regular use, an anti wrinkle face cream should be able to make fine lines and age spots less noticeable. It should also be able to soothe irritated places on your skin.

If the face wrinkle cream you are using does not seem to be working and you have given it a fair trial, maybe it is time to shop for another brand. There certainly are plenty to pick from. There are brands of many different prices, too. You could choose an anti wrinkle face cream for three or four dollars from the discount store, or you could choose a brand that actually costs $600 per ounce! But you probably already suspect the cheap brands don't do much good. And you probably can't afford those super expensive designer brands. Besides, you have other things to do with your money.

Expect to spend around $35 for an ounce and a half or so of an anti wrinkle face cream that will really help to erase those unwanted lines. This is actually a moderate price, considering that many times a face wrinkle cream will sport a higher price tag than this. But for around $35, you can find a face wrinkle cream that has scientifically proven active ingredients chosen carefully to work together synergistically to help your skin.

One thing a good anti wrinkle face cream should do is inhibit the action of an enzyme called hyaluronidase. This enzyme breaks down a substance found in young skin, called hyaluronic acid. This hyaluronic acid works with two other substances, elastin and collagen, to keep skin supple and elastic. All three of these substances tend to diminish as we get older, so all three should be increased by your face wrinkle cream.

A natural substance that has been found to inhibit hyaluronidase is a type of kelp found in the seas around Japan. Sometimes this seaweed is marketed under the trade name of “Phytessence. " It contains many vitamins and minerals that help the skin, and has been a traditional health food and skin tonic for the Japanese people for centuries. Look for Phytessence wakame sea weed as an ingredient in your anti wrinkle face cream.

As already mentioned, two other substances needed for youthful looking skin are collagen and elastin. A natural substance called keratin can stimulate your skin to produce more of these two needed constituents. Keratin is sometimes found in an inferior face wrinkle cream, but the type used might not be “functional" keratin, which is a higher quality type that works much better in repairing and improving aging skin.

So what can you expect from a properly functioning anti wrinkle face cream? You can expect more youthful looking skin brought about by improving the amounts of hyaluronic acid, collage, and elastin in your skin. These three natural skin substances can be increased with regular use of a good quality face wrinkle cream.

Van Crawford has been researching health related issues for more than eight years. He shares his research into natural skin care health on his website Absolute Health and . To learn more about effective, natural ways to improve the quality of your skin, remove wrinkles, and restore a youthful appearance visit


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