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Anti Aging Skin Care Are Neuropeptide Cream Products Really Effective to Reduce Wrinkles?

J.J. Yong

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Neuropeptide Cream products have been in the limelight when celebrities started to use it to preserve their youthful looks rather than having cosmetic surgeries and Botox injections. These celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, Courteney Cox and others, who have been a good model to us as they are practicing natural anti-aging methods which involve healthy lifestyle:

  • They use anti-aging wrinkle creams as mentioned above.
  • They do regularly Gym workout, or Yoga and Pilates training.
  • They maintain their body weight strictly by having balanced diet.

With these practice, it is much easier for someone to seek fountain of youth.

What happened if you already have wrinkles that appear at your eyes, forehead, hands and other parts of body?

Firstly, you should know briefly on how neuropeptide actually works in anti-aging process. From the word itself - “Neuro" means nerve cell and “peptide" means short protein chain; in which this variety of peptides have the ability to repair damaged cells, which it works significantly in both brain and skin, and improving communication between all organs.

Scientifically, this has been a tremendous anti-aging breakthrough as these protein-like molecules are able to reverse unpleasant signs of aging. In short, these tiny strings of amino acids are able to restore skin elasticity and resilience. That is why neuropeptide cream products are usually expensive as it is the current cutting-edge of anti-aging products.

How Neuropeptide does actually helps us in combating aging process?

Probably you would have heard this question in a biology class. Basically these particular protein-like molecules which are normally released by neurons and it contain “chemical messages" and transmit it throughout the body. Literally, these molecules are like keys to specific locks - in this case, it is referring to the specific binding sites of the skin.

The reverse anti-aging effects begin when the neuropeptides transmit the right signal - that induces cell rejuvenation and repair, to the skin cells. It can only happen when proper protein-like molecules are used to communicate with the skin cells in order to build collagen (a protein that contributes the elasticity of the skin) or to cut inflammation in the skin. Both responses able to reduce wrinkles effectively compared to other skin care products.

Based on the theory of inflammation, it is possible to have these neuropeptides to rejuvenate and repair damaged skin cells that attributed to aging process. Further more, it is the cutting-edge of anti aging skincare in practicing natural anti-aging. For more information, visit


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