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Anti Aging For the Hands How to Have Lying Hands

Karla Buzzell

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I have heard that the hands often give away a woman's age, even if she has a flawless face. I know that I have spent years caring for my face, but did not pay much attention to my hands. Now I am working overtime trying to get them back in shape and looking much younger than I really am.

What are these signs?

  • Age spots
  • Dry, rough skin
  • Cracked, sore or chapped hands
  • Wrinkles and loss of elasticity
  • Brittle, splitting, ridged, or cracked nails
  • Soft “paper thin", fragile, dull nails
Where does one start? Firstly, remember that the sun causes a great deal of the aging on your hands. We protect our faces with sunscreen, but do you put it on the tops of your hands? I bet if you are finally doing so, you did not do this for years. This is the main cause of age spots on your hands. Can anything be done to reverse this? Yes, you can use a good quality hand cream that is specifically made for this purpose, but you must be diligent and use it every day. Our hands loss moisture as we age. Hot water, cleaning products, detergents, sun, cold weather, cold water, household chores and yard work play havoc on our hands and nails. You must treat both your hands and nails, if you want to restore them to their full glory.

Start by protecting your hands from the elements mentioned earlier. A good pair of gloves goes a long way for this. In fact, you may need several pair. Gloves for housework, cold weather, and yard work can help to protect your hands from further harm.

Use hand cream specifically formulated for the conditions of your hands. There are good creams that treat dry, rough hands, chapped and cracked hands and hands that are wrinkled and have lost their elasticity. You may need more than one product, but it will be well worth it!

Your nails need to be carefully manicured, and treated for the aging signs they show. Each of us has different symptoms, but there are quality products available to reverse the aging of your nails and return them to their healthy state.

Remember, your hands did not get in their condition overnight and they will not recover that way either. Be patient and diligent and you too can have hands that are “lying hands".

With quality products and diligence, you can reverse the signs of aging on your hands. My website carries an entire line of hand and nail products specifically made for this purpose. Visit my website at to see the complete Ecrinal line of products that will help you accomplish the anti-aging of your hands. Let's get younger together.

Karla Buzzell


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