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How to Stay Healthy When Youre Over 60


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The sixties have been a dreaded age throughout history. It is a revered age for those that are it, but as they are called the Golden Years, they are seen to be the end of a long life. This has been changing with the longer life spans and the appreciation of a healthier way of living.

Perhaps the best things to living in the Golden Years are three aspects that have been recognized and appreciated. The first is of course, a better diet. This is moving away from the red meats that were so appealing in youth and leaning more towards poultry and seafood. These have been seen to be better for digestion and just as packed with nutrients. They are also among the few types of meat that are capable of being fully broken down with a lower count in fatty by products.

Do you have a sweet tooth and want to sate it? Instead of candy or simple sugars of this group, many have seen the advantages of fruit. It is sweet, satisfying, and also has the needed vitamins that are needed at any age. This is especially the case with the elders that see that pills are common at their age, but would prefer to get the nutrients from a healthier source that is easier for the body to absorb.

One other factor in eating is fiber. Let's face it, a long life also means that the body has been through a lot of work and abuse. This is where a higher fiber can make all the difference in the digestion process and also help keep that body running smoothly. Many have seen the advantages of pastas, rice, and even breads in this where the whole grains can help a person life a more complete life.

The second factor is in raising the blood pressure. This is not with stress or tension, but with exercise. Where the younger people seem to focus on the defining of muscles, the older and wiser have seen the advantages of the aerobic exercising. This includes biking, brisk walks, and jogging. Some have even seen the advantage of walking in place of driving as it is capable of raising the pulse and maintaining it for a longer period of time. This helps with circulation, muscle maintenance, respiratory, and even with the heart itself.

The third factor is no less in importance. This is the elimination of stress and pressure in one's life. Many people have succumbed to a body failing them when they have had to endure the burdens that are in the insubstantial environment. Just because the problems are of the mind or of the wallet make them no less harsh to the body. It has been stated that stress is one of the three main reasons that people suffer from heart disease and other ailments. Minimizing this one aspect in a person's life can ensure that they have a longer and happier life. This is one of the motivations that many have had in earlier years in creating a retirement where they have not had to suffer in the years that were supposed to be enjoyed during retirement.

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