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Anti Aging Skin Care Cut Through the Confusion Surrounding Anti Aging Skin Care

Tyler Treskin

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These days there are so many anti aging skin care formulas on the market even cosmetologists and dermatologists have a hard time keeping up with which ones really work. Even worse, the way some companies play off commonly held myths about skin care muddies the waters even further. If you really want to find a truly high quality product, here are just a few things you need to aware of.

Not all antioxidant products slow aging

How antioxidants work is a huge area of confusion for most consumers. For instance, you've probably heard vitamin C is a great antioxidant, but what you may not have heard is that the skin can't absorb vitamin C in skin creams. Now, it is possible to find effective antioxidants in skin care products, but you've got to track down the few companies that make them.

The truth about collagen

This is another product thing that sounds logical on the surface. The skin is made of collagen, so adding collagen should help the skin rejuvenate itself, right? Wrong. The problem is the collagen molecules in most types of antiaging skin cream are too big for the skin to absorb. The stuff just sits on your face until you wash it off.

The problem with exfoliation and microdermabrasion

Both of these techniques clear away the rougher outer layer of skin leaving only soft, new skin behind. A serious microdermabrasion treatment can also lighten age spots, giving your skin a more even more glowing, youthful appearance.

Unfortunately, though, the effects only last a few days and in many people these treatments cause acne and blotchy red skin. Gentle exfoliation can improve the health of your skin, but you need to know how to do it right and how often to do it.

The correct care of oily and dry skin

If you have either problem dry or oily skin, no doubt you've tried a few products to either add or dry up oils. Most of these products do more harm than good, though. What you really need is a product that will help keep your skin balanced and these products are few and far between.

Anti aging products for men

While it's true women age faster due to hormonal changes, men still eventually develop the same problems with wrinkly, saggy skin. In fact, men often end up looking worse because while women go out of their way to find anti aging skin care products, most men won't use so much as a sunscreen. There's plenty men can do to stay looking young and healthy, but it's important to understand how men's skin care needs are unique.

With all the confusing information out there, learning what you really need for effective anti aging skin care can become a research project in itself. The good news, though, is that you don't need to waste time analyzing every product out there. Just find one skin care line that cares about research and development and buy from them.

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Tyler Treskin is a health enthusiast and enjoys sharing his experience and research with others on the internet. Visit his site for additional information on this important skincare topic.


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How an Anti Aging Skin Care Guide Can Help You Avoid the Signs of Aging
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