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Botox Cosmetic Injections For Frown Lines


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While Botox Cosmetic is approved only for frown lines, Botox have been used off label in other areas of the face with mixed results. Off label refers to using it in areas that have not been tested and approved by the FDA.

Your frown lines are a result of a specific muscle contracting and relaxing, so what happens when your doctor injects it, there is a temporary paralysis of that muscle that lasts three to four months. The amount of it needed is a decision that your doctor will make based on his experience. Ask your doctor to see the packaging so you can be assured you are getting name brand Botox Cosmetic. While pricing varies from doctor to doctor and on what part of the country you live in, the average cost is about $400 for each treatment.

If your doctor offers you generic Botox, understand there is no such thing. At that point you are probably being offered something imported from another country that doesn't have the stringent manufacturing requirements that United States has. By using Botox Cosmetic you have the assurance that the dosage and strength are consistent so you get the best possible results.

While the potential for side effects is minimal, when administered by a trained professional, the possibility still exists. Some of the common side effects are: headache, flu like symptoms and nausea.

For your safety, any kind of injectable cosmetic treatment should be done only by a professional in a medical facility, not at your beauty salon or friend's house. If you want to have a party, then by all means throw a party after your treatment (check with your doctor about alcohol consumption) and celebrate the disappearance of those frown lines!

To get rid of the frown lines, more and more people are opting for non-surgical cosmetic treatment. The board certified surgeons at Swan Center for Plastic Surgery offer you Botox Georgia to get a new look. For more details, visit .


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