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Dark Eye Circles Causing You Stress or is Stress Causing Your Dark Circles?


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Dark circles under the eyes can be for some just a cosmetic nuisance but for others they can cause depression and irritation due to the fact that they can make you look tired, washed out and often older than you deserve.

If you are affected then you are just one of the many. These days it is a problem that is widely complained about by a vast majority of the population yet often people find it difficult to know how to treat it.

To treat dark circles under the eye firstly it pays to know what the cause is.

They occur when delicate capillaries around the eye area break, causing cells to ‘leak’ tiny amounts of blood. The capillaries around the eyes sit close to the surface of the skin and therefore the combination of thin, translucent skin and leaking capillaries sitting close to the surface give the appearance of a dark blue-black colour - thus, the dark under eye circles.

There are various reasons you could be suffering from dark under eye circles. The first reaction by many is that it could very well be due to lack of sleep. However, many of us get plenty of sleep with little or no effect on the dark circles under the eyes.

What else then can it be? Could it be that the answer can be found in your day to day habits: smoking, drinking too much alcohol, a high salt diet, or simply being hydrated because you do not drink enough water? These can all have an effect on dark under eye circles.

However, another reason that's not so simple to deal with is the heredity factor. Do other members of your family have dark circles under their eyes? If so, yours may simply be genetic - this means that they can be harder to treat unfortunately. Try investing in a good concealer they can work wonders and of course can be effective in a matter of seconds. Choose a concealer that's not too light for your skin colour as this will achieve only the reverse effect and draw attention to the unnatural colouring under your eyes. Apply the chosen concealer all around the eye, not just beneath the eye, finishing off with a light dusting of translucent powder to help the concealer last longer.

Stress can be a cause and it surely needs careful awareness in this fast moving, fast changing and stressful world of ours. Recognise and interrupt the stress patterns during your day, try taking a step back and letting go when you feel yourself starting to react to whatever with anxiety or anger. Take a deep breath or two and exhale fully when you feel them coming on, deep breaths through your nose and out through your mouth. Try some unwinding activities such as walking, talking with friends or colleagues, playing with your cat or your dog or anything else you might find relaxing and try to make this a regular part of your day.

Daily relaxation, meditation and yoga too can all be beneficial in helping the nervous system restore itself to a more relaxed state and in turn begin to restore the cell make up of your skin.

Address your stress levels as soon as you can and your skin will be less likely to become susceptible to some skin allergies and will most certainly look much better too.

Here is another important point, do you know that you should never make comparisons between your own eyes and those of those models we see all airbrushed in the films and magazines and on TV. Hey, get them pictured down amongst the supermarket shelves, pushing a trolley and trying to control bored and hungry children and then see how different they look then!!

No unfortunately dark under eye circles are just a part of life for many of us these days so if you want a quick cheap fix , dab on a bit of concealer - and most important don't lose any sleep over it, you'll only make it worse!

Brian Potter can help you with anti ageing skin care problems including bags under eyes, puffy eyes and how to reduce the effects of dark circles under eyes. Visit his website at and sign up for a free newsletter packed full of all the latest information you'll need for a more Youthful, Healthier Looking Skin. Start your skin care regime today, tomorrow may be too late! Watch some videos on the subject of dark eye circles at


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