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Why The Low GI Diet Could Be One Of The Best Antiaging Diets You Can Use


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Are you interested in getting healthier, slowing down aging, and losing weight at the same time?

Well, then you've got to know about a low GI diet!

Every year or so there is a new diet that takes the dieting world by storm. One such diet that seems to be garnering a great deal of media and celebrity attention these days is the low glycemic index diet.

We hear a lot about it but very few understand just how it works or what it takes to make it work. Keep reading to learn the basics of this diet and what it might do for you!

The first thing you should understand is that this isn't your typical crash diet in which you are robbed of important nutrients in order to achieve monumental weight loss achievements in a short amount of time.

The low glycemic index dietary plan is more of a change in the way you look at food, specifically the carbs. You will need to make some lifestyle adjustments in order to pull this diet off successfully. At the same time, one slip will not derail all of your hard work and effort.

So How Does This Diet Work?

Unlike many popular diets there are no tricky food combinations, there is no starvation, and you do not have to feel completely deprived in order to make this diet work.

The goal is to consume foods that rate low on the glycemic index, which will in turn keep your body feeling nourished longer without the ups and downs often found when blood sugar levels fluctuate wildly.

In other words, you aren't as likely to feel hungry immediately following a meal when you are sticking to this dietary plan.

You should definitely keep in mind the fact that you must still pay attention to the foods you are eating even though they may rate lower in the glycemic index. You do not want a diet that consists mainly of fats and salts regardless of where it rates on the scale.

You need a well-balanced diet, which is real simple to accomplish when eating according to the lower end of the glycemic chart.

There are a few high fat, high salt content foods that are on the lower end of the Glycemic Index. You may enjoy them on occasion but it is best to do so in moderation.

Why Does This Diet Work When Others Fail?

One good side effect that seems to be lacking in many other diets, that's present in this one is that because your blood sugar levels are. . . well, level, and so you feel full longer. This eliminates the binge eating that is associated with many diets.

See what happens with you follow this diet is that the carbs you have are absorbed gradually, so there's no spike in glucose levels in your bloodstream. As a result, there's no spike in insulin and this is good. Why? Because insulin makes you store fat. So low insulin means you can burn fat so much more easily.

The Benefits Of A Low GI Diet?

1. A huge benefit is that it encourages a well-rounded diet that includes fruits and vegetables that are antioxidant rich as well as the whole grains, fiber, and protein our bodies need in order to function properly.

2. You are able to lose weight at a healthy pace (1-2 pounds per week). This is because you don't spike your insulin levels and you're also fuller for longer. The best part is that you are able to do so without the feelings of deprivation and/or constant hunger that are so prevalent in other diets.

3. Your risk of type 2 diabetes is also reduced. This is so important as type 2 diabetes is on the rise in Western society due to high consumption of high GI carbs and lack of exercise.

You can accomplish all this by simply following these tips and keeping watch over the salt and fats that are included in your diet.

So if you want to get healthy, lose weight and feel better all at the same time, then get to know a low GI diet, and you'll reap all these anti aging benefits right away.

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