AntiAging Health is Augmented by Friendships


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Did you know that having many friends will help you live longer and may be a good anti aging supplement? Studies have shown that having good friends can make our lives richer and may also increase our longevity. However, the same isn't true for our relatives! Studies were done by the Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia, showing that having a network of friends was healthier than most family relationships, as far as a contributing factor to longevity. When it comes to antiaging and health, friends certainly have a bearing. The university in Australia conducted a study by interviewing 1500 older people in 1992. They studied their inner reaction with different social networks including relatives, children, friends and other confidantes.

This important study determined that one of the key factors that promotes longevity is friends. They learned that antiaging health depended upon close relationship with children and relatives. People that had extensive good friends and confidantes outlived people that had fewest friends by 22%. The positive effect of friendships in the the long-term remained after the death of husbands or other close family members. They also determined that family ties didn't seem to have a bearing on a person's survival or longevity. However, they did determine that frequent contact with close family members was an important antiaging factor in helping older people avoid disabilities and increase their longevity.

While antiaging health was affected by friendships, it couldn't be determined for certain why close friendships had such a dramatic effect on longevity. However, they do seem to think that friends may encourage older people to take better care of themselves by cutting down drinking or smoking, as an example, or getting the proper medical treatment that they need to sustain their longevity. Friends can offer antiaging coping mechanisms and have a positive effect on mood and self-esteem. In conclusion, it appears that non-kin relationships are even more important than familial relationships. However, both play an important role protect in protecting life.

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