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A beautiful maturity awaits you. You only need to take to heart the following information to get your reward. Appetite is the only true guide to bodily need and will gauge this need exactly, and cut off short when enough for the moment has been taken.

The Flectcher eating style - see free ebook in link below - cannot provide a list of what to eat, when to eat, nor how much to eat; neither can anybody else. Be guided by your individual bodily signals and respond to these needs.

If fish is the preference, eat this. If it is needed late at night eat it then, but eat it right.

Understand the food filter at the back of the mouth as described in an earlier article, and adjust the eating to the needs of the pie.

If it is used properly, consumed at a thoroughly peaceful pace and all taste is extracted from the pie and it is swallowed only in response to the natural opening of the gate, restful sleep will follow.

Few of us will crave mince pie or Welsh rarebit late at night. The worker on a morning paper run may do so and often does.

He has earned his appetite, and sometimes it is so robust as to call for mince pie or Welsh rarebit; but if these are eaten properly they will then be utilized by the body, eagerly and easily.

This style of eating is to accentuate the fact that as we mature the need to get as far away as possible from irrelevant and tedious advice in the matter of food is essential. This can be both time consuming and irrelevant.

Ordinary people will more than likely discover an appetite leaning toward the simplest of foods, and away from frequency of indulgence.

Even this has the power to bring change to a body and life.

You can embrace this change with ease and have a beautiful maturity.

Copyright 2006 Patricia Little

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