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How Can I tell if my Child has Spinal Problems?

Lora Davis

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One of the reasons many parents bring their children to a pediatric Chiropractor in Monmouth County is because they have suffered from an injury that is causing them continued physical discomfort. On the other hand, children may suffer from spinal problems even though they’ve never suffered any physical trauma. As a parent you want to do everything to make sure that your child is healthy. But how can you tell if your child has spinal problems? This article will briefly show you some signs to look out for in your child.

Disturbed Sleep

Does your child experience irregular sleeping patterns? Children have recognizable sleeping patterns and if it is interrupted they often become agitated. If your child wakes up often in the middle of the night it may be caused by indigestion problems.

Breastfeeding Difficulties

Some children may reject breast milk out right. If this continues for long periods, the health of the child may fail thereby leading to nutritional defects.

Difficulty in head and neck movement

If you notice that your child flinches anytime you attempt to turn their head from one direction to the other it is an indication that the child is suffering from spinal problems.

Irregular shoulder height

Is one shoulder higher than the other when the child is sitting or standing? You need to quickly consult a chiropractor as the child is most likely experiencing physical pain.

Spinal dysfunctions can also cause disorders like

- Ear infections

If you are constantly treating ear infections that refuse to go away permanently you may treating the symptom and not the cause. Recurrent ear infections are common disorders suffered by children with spinal problems.

- Cold and Sore throat

Is your baby always cold and cries in a hoarse voice no matter what you do to keep her warm? You need to visit a Chiropractor to identify what the problem is.


Asthma worsens in children with spinal difficulties. If you are constantly using medications that bear no fruit it may be time to look deeper than just the use of medications.


Some children are known to suffer migraines from a young age and failure to treat it early may lead to graver consequences in later life.

Some other disorders caused by spinal dysfunctions are

– Scoliosis – Headaches – Bedwetting – Constipation – Physical pains – ADHD.

With expert medical help all of these disorders plaguing your child and much more can be resolved.

If you live in Monmouth County and you notice any of these above stated problems or disorders in your child you need to seek chiropractic care for your child. The child doesn’t need to have suffered any physical injury before showing some of these reactions and signs. A Pediatric chiropractor Monmouth County or Pediatric chiropractor Ocean County will examine the child carefully and diagnose what the problem is. The safety of your child is very important and only a specialist Chiropractor can provide your child with adequate care.

*This article is not intended for diagnosis purposes.


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