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What Causes Hemorrhoids?


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Are you afflicted by hemorrhoids? Any individual who understands the unbearable itching, discomfort and bleeding is desperate for hemorrhoid relief. However it gets worse. Learn what causes hemorrhoids and why you should never wait to see if they go away by themselves.

While hemorrhoids are common, more than a hundred million individuals around the U. S. suffer from hemorrhoids by age 50, they aren't inescapable. It is possible to prevent hemorrhoids. Unfortunately, our current life-style in the united states is the major cause. The causes of obesity, one more growing dilemma in contemporary societies, are some of the same as the causes of hemorrhoids. So, what are the primary factors that lead to hemorrhoids?

1) Gravity - Hemorrhoids only occur in animals that stand upright. Gravity leads to congestion inside the rectal veins and that results in hemorrhoids.

2) Straining on the toilet - There are two reasons folks inside USA strain on the toilet. The first is eating habits. More and more we're eating foods that cause problems, primarily processed foods with very little fiber that cause constipation and straining. An additional element would be the style of the modern commode. It is much more natural to squat and let muscles within the abdomen help evacuate the bowels. If you are familiar with toilets in Asian countries, known as squat toilets, you understand they have a design that promotes a lot more healthy defecation.

3) Pregnancy - Carrying a baby puts far more pressure on the hemorrhoidal veins and can cause hemorrhoids.

4) Sedentary life-style - Sitting for prolonged periods with a lack of physical exercise in between can cause hemorrhoids. Blood flows through the veins while using help of surrounding muscles, especially blood coming from the legs. Without the help of physical exercise, blood flow slows and gravity prevents proper circulation.

What may be done to avoid hemorrhoids? One of the best things we can do is change your eating habits to include fewer processed foods and more fibrous fruits and vegetables. This will promote more regular and easier bowel movements. The second is get up off your chair and get your blood circulating. Walk all around your office or residence occasionally. If you are in no shape to play football or rugby, play horse shoes or bowling. Even these games involve far more movement than watching television. The point is, the top hemorrhoid treatment available for sale is unnecessary if you understand the causes of hemorrhoids and avoid them before they start.

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What Do Hemorrhoids Look Like?
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