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Candida and Red Hands and Feet, What Causes It, How to Cure It

Paul Blanco

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Candida and red hands and feet often times go hand in hand. A symptom of candida or a yeast infection are red hands and feet. So what causes candida and how do you get rid of it?

Candida and red hands and feet are caused by an imbalance in the body's ph level as well as a poor diet that usually consists of high amounts of sugar, carbohydrates, yeast products, and acidic foods. People who currently take or have taken antibiotics and steroids also experience outbreaks of candida and yeast infections.

Candida needs moist, warm, dark places in order to survive. It also needs a living host. It feeds on carbohydrates, sugars, yeast products, and starches. Foods with high amounts of acid in them throw your ph level off, and an acidic ph level in your body provides the feeding ground for disease and illness to survive.

In order to cure your candida and red hands and feet, you will need to take an honest look at your eating habits and your current lifestyle. Though there are over the counter drugs that will cure your candida and red hands and feet, that cure will only be temporary.

An increase in vegetables high in fiber and low in starches such as broccoli, celery, radish, and asparagus will help. Also eating more lemons and limes will help balance your ph level as they metabolize in the body as alkaline solutions and lower the acidic level of your ph. Also be sure to cut back drastically on your nicotine and caffeine intake as these also do not help your efforts.

Candida and red hands and feet can be cured, and it is actually fairly simple with the right knowledge. The hardest part is sticking to a plan that consists of new foods and a well balanced diet.

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How to Cure Candida Vaginitis
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