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Colon Cleanse The Role of Pro biotics and Colon Cleansing

Wong Darren

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During a colon cleansing procedure, harmful toxins and bacteria are removed from the system. This of course brings about complications, specifically, the removal of non-harmful bacteria. There is such a thing as good bacteria, which helps in the smooth and efficient operation of the body. Problem arises when you undergo colon cleansing procedure, since there is no way to simply remove only the harmful bacteria. The good bacteria are also removed as there is no way to make a distinction between the two types of bacteria.

Colon Cleansing Causes Bacteria Imbalance

The removal of the good bacteria can cause problems with our overall health. The different organs in our body rely on them. After a colon cleansing procedure, the removal of all the bacteria causes bacterial imbalance. This can have negative consequences with regards to our health. First, the digestive system operates at a less efficient manner which causes vital nutrients to be severely diminished. The following are the symptoms observed when there is a bacterial imbalance: malnutrition, constipation, skin problems, acidity imbalance, bad breath, and sluggishness. All this can occur because the bacteria classified as “good" in our digestive system helps ensure the proper break down of nutrients from the food we eat. Vital nutrients are digested and reabsorbed properly. The good bacteria also help improve the immune system to fights against various ailments and maladies.

Therefore, it is important to use Pro-biotics after a colon cleansing procedure. Probiotics are sources of good bacteria. This is similar to the ones that can be obtained from eating such foods as yogurt. Their main function is to replace the good bacteria that were otherwise removed from the system.

Consume Pro-biotics After Colon Cleansing

Many foods have greatly reduced amounts of Pro-biotics due to the processing required. Your normal diet does not incorporate “good bacteria" and the only way to introduce them to our system is by getting supplements. Pro-biotics supplements are the only sure fire way of getting a steady stream of the good bacteria. It is important to get a steady source of Pro-biotics as research indicates that if not taken for extended periods of time, the effects of the Pro-biotics taken early on eventually fade away. Inside the body are gut flora, which are classified as microbes. Pro-biotics help out in restoring the lost bacteria from the colon cleansing procedure. This is important as the loss of these types of bacteria brings about a bacterial imbalance in which harmful competitors arise.

Scientific research conducted recently suggests that some strains of bacteria may help reduce the risk of developing colon cancer. These good bacteria exhibit anti-carcinogenic effects to combat against the disease. Other uses of the good bacteria are: lowering of the cholesterol levels, lowering of blood pressure, and improved immunity against infections. Pro-biotics has shown the ability to ease gastrointestinal symptoms as well as improving the overall functionality of the digestive system. Pro-biotics are usually taken half an hour before meals. The capsules may then be opened and mixed with water for easy consumption. There are other products available so look for the one best suited for your needs.

Darren is an online medical researcher and webmaster of Colon Cleansing and Colon Cleanse Options . Visit his websites for more information.


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