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Aromatherapy Oils Secret Homemade Recipes


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There has been a widely-celebrated acceptance for aromatherapy oils in the belief and evidences provided that it helps in alleviating pain and stress, which encourages positive aura and stimulates relaxation of the mind and the body as well.

A trip to a competent and certified aroma therapist to treat yourself to a pleasurable and revitalizing professional aromatherapy massage and treatment is wonderful idea in the hope to free your whole well-being from the negative effects that stress has incurred in your body and mind as well.

If you are interested and willing to embark on formulating your own recipe for aromatherapy oils, try to do your homework in finding out essential facts about different kinds of oils. By doing this, you will gain more knowledge about the properties of each oil type. You will then avoid facing awkward situations like allergy cases if a person is sensitive to a certain oil component. Consequently, you will be gaining more knowledge in the process, which leads to a more satisfying experience as you formulate your own aromatherapy oil recipe.

As with all procedures, you should first set up a goal on what specific purpose you intend to use the recipes you are about to formulate. Try to make use of vital resources like aromatherapy books and aromatherapy-related articles that appear in multitude in the Internet. Whether you intend to formulate a recipe for hand oils, hand creme, face mask, massage oils or other skin care purposes; there is enough information that you can use as a guide in your recipe making pursuit.

However, you should make sure that you have acquired enough knowledge and technical know-how on the specific components of oils and its contraindications before finally carrying out your plan of preparing your own recipe. If you are not yet confident on this part, it would be better if you stick with the customary recipe available.

* Recipe for Aromatherapy Massage Oils

Warming Massage Oil
Jojoba or sweet almond oil - 8 tablespoons
Sandalwood essential oils - 20 drops
Frankincense essential oils - 10 drops
Ginger essential oils - 10 drops

All you have to do is to blend all the oils together. Put in a dark glass jar. Keep in a safe place until ready for use.

* Recipe for Aromatherapy oil-based Soap

Soap for Uplifting Mood
Liquid non-scented soap - 4 fl. oz
Lavender essential oil - 20 drops
Bergamot essential oil - 10 drops
Geranium essential oil - 10 drops

In a container, combine the oils and liquid soap by mixing carefully. Keep in a plastic soap dispenser until ready for use. Before using, do not forget to shake so as to prevent some components to pile up in the bottom of the container.

* Recipe for Aromatherapy Bath Oils

Meditation Bath

Milk -1 tbsp
Sandalwood essential oil - 4 drops
Rose essential oil - 2 drops
Frankincense essential oil - 2 drops

Prepare the water to be used for bathing then add the oils while stirring thoroughly for even distribution.

Warning: Tea tree oil and lavender oil are the only oils that can be applied directly on the skin; all other kinds of aromatherapy oils should be diluted in carrier oils including sweet almond, jojoba and grape oils. Maximum storage life of mixed oil solutions is 3 years. Keep in room temperature away from direct and artificial sunlight.

If you are planning to use citrus essential oils; use it at soon as possible because this kind of oil have shorter storage life.

As proven by many researches and based on living proofs and testimonies, it is always advisable to go with the natural ingredients for skin care products. These organic elements can provide you with a lot of benefits without the need to spend large sums of money.

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Aromatherapy Oils: The Healing Power Of Nature
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