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Drinking Water System, What is in Our Drinking Water?


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If I told you what is in our drinking water, you'd be alarmed. Very alarmed. Because once you truly know the facts, you'll immediately be looking for a high quality drinking water system that can remove the contaminants that are present in our drinking water supply. One of the prices we pay for living in modern times is pollution. A long time ago we could just drink the water that was present in Nature. Now that water is full of cancer-causing contaminants.

In fact, there are over two thousand identified chemicals, any of which can show up in any glass of tap water you draw from your faucets. Scary, I know but true. The Ralph Nader group, in fact, invoked the Freedom of Information Act-something available to all of us concerned citizens-and by examining these documents they uncovered the shocking truth: our water supplies are full of thousands of deadly chemicals that can wreak havoc on our bodies.

If you really want to know what is in our drinking water, here are some known contaminants. You can investigate various websites like the EPA's and the FDA's, and you too can find out the truth: chlorine, arsenic, asbestos, herbicides, pesticides, benzine, vinyl chloride, xylenes, lead, and hundreds and hundreds of more.

Where do these chemicals come from? The answer is from a variety of sources. Sources ranging from agricultural run-off, the discharge from drilling wastes, metal refineries, steel and metal factories and more. And if you think “well I live in nice suburbs far away from industry so I'm safe" think again.

All of the toxins from fertilizers, keeping the lawn and plants green while killing off unwanted weeds, is full of deadly chemicals that seep into the ground and run into rivers and streams. . . and ultimately into your tap water.

Anyone who is serious about good health seriously needs to investigate purchasing a drinking water system. But not just any system. A sophisticated system that has multi-point filtration that removes all deadly impurities while leaving in natural substances beneficial-indeed crucial-for good health like minerals.

We all know that overkill isn't a good thing. Which is why in the opinion of this author, some of the best-selling water purification systems on the market are less than ideal.

Have you heard about reverse osmosis systems? They are among the best-selling water filter systems out there. But the problem is overkill. They remove the bad stuff but aren't sophisticated enough to let the good stuff-minerals our bodies need for good health- pass through.

Don't despair. There are systems on the market that are economical and ideal. You only need to become a more educated consumer and do some homework-as you are by even reading this article-and discover these systems that can protect and improve the health of you and your family.

Find a clinically tested water filter system that will meet your needs. I'm fighting since years against a skin disease called psoriasis, and have been researching health related issues. Visit my site and get the additional results of my research.


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