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Opal Gemstone Brings Luck, Understanding, and Health


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The opal is a unique gemstone that is not crystalline, but is rather made up of hardened silica gel. It's name is said to be taken from the Sanskrit word “upala" which means “precious stone". While approximately 10% of opal is mined in other countries such as Brazil and Mexico, it is primarily mined in Australia, and Australian opal gemstone jewelry is an expensive but popular luxury. Pure opal is colorless, but pure opal is virtually unheard of and impurities are what give opal its various colors, ranging from black to red to blue.

Opal, in particular black opal, has historically been though of as an incredibly lucky stone. It wards off the evil eye and protects those who travel to faraway lands, much as the Middle Eastern “Hamsa" amulet does. It also blocks bad dreams from your psyche, and works to focus your mental capacities and provide motivation and energy.

Its psychological benefits also include increased confidence on a deep level, confidence that is independent of external factors and completely based on understanding your core being. It helps you to realize all the externally anchored beliefs and behaviors you have adopted, and to cast them off in favor of your core self.

The different varieties of opal have different healing capabilities. Fire opal helps to manage blood disorders, depression, and lethargy. Black opal helps reduce the impact of reproductive disorders, such as erectile dysfunction. White opal helps to manage neural disorders and imbalance. All forms of opal are useful during childbirth to reduce the severity of pain.

The opal gemstone is a well rounded stone that provides its keeper with good luck, deep understanding of his or her core self, and relief of various physical ailments. Particularly for men experiencing erectile dysfunction, the opal is a helpful gemstone that relieves both the mental and physical causes of the problem.

Forest Harper is a longtime practitioner of gemstone therapy and crystal healing. She lives in the wilderness of enchanting British Columbia, surrounded by nature's majestic wonders. For more on her gemstone expertise visit


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