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Stressed? Over Weight? Headaches? Then You Know Nothing About Acupuncture And Weight Control

Peter Sicoli

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What is This Acupuncture All About?

Well. . . the classic Chinese explanation is that there are channels of energy that travel through our bodies. Meridians, as these channels are called, flow through our bodies, providing nourishment to our tissues. somebody trained in acupuncture will use the needles to apply heat or electrical stimulation, at very precise points. These points, known as the acupuncture points are what encourage and promote the natural healing in our bodies.

This stimulation in our bodies, specifically in our nervous system, releases a chemical in our muscles, spinal cod and brain. Effects of these chemicals include altering the experience of pain, or assists the body in regulating its own internal engine or system. An overall improvement in our body and a natural healing occurs, and your overall well-being improves.

Feeling stressed, constant tension headaches? Well studies have shown that acupuncture is particularly useful in the resolution of such problems. The overall emotional condition of patients have improved after just a few acupuncture treatments. Imagine a few treatments, coupled with a spa treatment and you stress goes away. . . but the items that causes the stress, your body just adjusts to coping with it better.

Acupuncture will influence your body in a healthy way. . . the promotion of good health and well-being, a prevention of illness and a treatment of various medical conditions.

No side effects, better health, no stress and tension free, are reasons enough to consider acupuncture your next medical option.

Stress, anxiety, frustrations and tension leads to excessive or binge eating for many people, including myself. This binge eating leads to an increase of unwanted weight in all of us. While sometimes there is not much we can do in our lives that has to do with the stress, tensions and frustrations, there is something that we can do about our weight. Besides putting our minds on setting a goal for weight loss, there are some very good methods available to us to achieve our weight loss goals.

Stress will tense up the body to the point that your body or systems begin to fight. The stress and the fight is constant and there is a system imbalance. Acupuncture will assist in re-balancing your body systems. The re-balancing will put your body into a better frame of mind, so to speak, and will help your body accept the change it is screaming for.

Would you believe acupuncture for weight loss ? The exact workings of acupuncture while may completely unknown, it is a well known fact that acupuncture will stimulate the release of endorphin. It is also well known that acupuncture will greatly reduce stress, tension and anxiety. So therefore, acupuncture will assist your body in fighting binge eating, hence assisting the reduction of weight loss.

The procedure for acupuncture is relatively simple, painless and worry free. A qualified practitioner will choose points of treatment, depending on the diagnosed problem. Once the points of treatment are identified, needles are inserted and stay in place for about 30-45 minutes per session before they are removed. The procedure is meant to reduce stress in the patient and stimulate the endorphin hormone.

Short acupuncture treatments will focus on suppressing your appetite and assist in getting back a lifestyle necessary to maintain healthy weight.

Learn more about acupuncture and the benefits it will have on you health. . . I think you will be surprised.

The author of this article is Peter Sicoli. Peter owns and operates a successful information marketing company.


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Weight Loss through Acupuncture, All the Facts
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