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Power For Health - Achieve Optimal Health With a Colon Cleansing

Rozita Daud

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The idea of colon cleansing has been with us since 1500BC, when it was first practised by the Egyptians. This treatment is suitable for all ages and is a safe, effective way of eliminating toxins and waste products that are essential to the individuals overall well-being. A cleansing program can be an effective part of preventative health management, as it rids the toxins and contaminants that can accumulate in the colon. The range of benefits that this therapy offers may surprise you!


Toxins, and particularly those from medications, are often responsible for the build up of harmful bacteria in our gut, resulting in the production of by products such as ammonia, purines, and ethionine; all of which can lead to cancer. Nowadays these toxins are more common than at any other time. These toxins and waste can build up in the gut, just like waste can build up in your plumbing in your home. Those who advocate the colon cleansing feel that it is beneficial to the body, as it relieve the wastes and toxins, and also increases your energy and improves your immune system. It is believed that your body can build up toxins and cause toxaemia if not purged on a regular basis. If you are not able to purge, your body will carry out its own purging process, with consequent problems including diarrhoea, pimple and acne, boils, liver spots, body odour and perspiration, and bad breath amongst other problems. It is believed that if this continues the potential outcome is cancer, heart disease, tuberculosis and other potentially fatal health problems.

Benefits of Cleansing

There are many positive benefits of practising colon cleansing. This can not only include overall health benefits, but also the benefits of clearing the skin and leaving a more radiant complexion, getting rid of blemishes, and relieving water retention and cellulite. The cleansing also restores the white color in the eyes, making them look younger and brighter, as well as decreasing problems of bloating, gas and improving the overall slimness as well as the appearance of skin and hair. If all that wasn't enough to sell you; people have indicated that colon cleansing helps in the relief of menstrual pain, joint aches, migraines, skin problems, breast cysts, sinus congestion and improves concentration! With some of the strong medications prescribed for these conditions, then it is worth considering something as naturally therapeutic as a colon cleansing. To restore you body to its ideal functionality, then colon cleansing is the perfect option, and it also has nutritional benefits as it aids the bodies correct digestion function.

As a form of preventative health care, there is no better option than colon cleansing to eliminate toxins from your body and decrease the occurrence of illness. Cleansing offers a natural and safe option over strong medication. A healthy colon will improve your energy and vitality; no matter who you are this therapy is a good, naturally healthy option.

Rozita is freelance writer, she new blog at power for health blog here.


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