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Antihistamines Natural Healing Herb


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Don't tell me that anyone has escaped from the clutches of from flu or cold in his entire life span. There are few aliments that keeping nagging us every alternate day and its natural to suffer such aliments. If I were to ask anyone of you of the number of times you have had flu or cold you wouldn't be able to recall and frankly neither would I be able to do that. When the flu or cold catches us we on doctor's prescription to get relief consume Antihistamines. It does do the job of let us breathe freely, free the nose of congestion and reduce sinus aching, but these medicines are a temporary relief and have their share of side effects. If you want to get rid of side effects, the best herb solution would be antihistamine herb. There are numerous unnoticed herbs that are a far better option for instance pau'd arco, catnip, Chinese licorice root, cat's claw extract, astragalus, maitake mushroom, boneset, white willow bark and mullein leaf. Here below we also list for your benefits some home remedies that are natural and effective

LAPACHO OR PAU D’ ARCO: The herb Pau d'arco or Lapacho helps boost immune. Its contents are best suited to fight viruses. Pau d’ arco can have magical effects as it can be effective from an inconsequential thing such as cold to even the deadly HIV virus, its effectiveness has also be shown against limiting the growth of many poisonous bacteria and viruses.

VINEGAR OF APPLE CIDER: Quite easy to locate and also very effective in times of need. Its application has spread over centuries. It can cure allergies, flu, arthritis, gout, weight-loss, colds, sinus infections and even more, what more could you ask of it? When mixed with water in same quantity it can be of help in antihistamine properties. Put the mixture in a pan, after the mixture heats up place your nose over the pan to inhale rising fumes. Ensure that you are at a safe gap to avoid getting burnt.

LEMON: One of the most natural fruits that help gives stability to our immune system & is also an antihistamine. Take some water and pour honey and lemon drops, the mixture will reduce the cold duration and help in better healing. Lemon help get rid of the entire range of cold as well as fever. Lemon has abundance of Vitamin C, its juice has many advantages like reducing illness period, body resistance raise and decreases toxicity.

GOURD ROOTS: During ancient times the Asians, Greeks and Chinese used the sour roots of gourd plant when ever they wanted relief from cold. A small dose of root paste, added into a similar quantity of Tulsi plant leaf or honey does the trick to eradicate cold.

TURMERIC: To boost or energize oneself turmeric does the job perfectly. Very long ago its application was limited to herbal formulas but today it has entered kitchens as well. Asians and especially South Asian have it in almost all preparations. It boosts the immunity & is an even more effective while being used for negating colds taken with some salt.

PEPPER & TAMARIND: Mix 50mg of tamarind in glass of water holding 250 ml. Heat diluted tamarind that's now solvent in water for a couple of minutes by adding little butter and also ½ teaspoon of grinding black pepper . The result will be the clearing up of blocked nose and sinus.


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