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Storing Your Aromatherapy Essential Oils


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One of the disadvantages of aromatherapy is that some of the oils are not cheap, not even if you buy from an online discount holistic supply shop. Because aromatherapy essential oils are man made natural (and thus, limited) ingredients, some of them are more expensive than prescription medicines. For example, it takes about 100 POUNDS of rose petals to make one OUNCE of rose essential oil. If you are going to buy that, you need to protect your investment by knowing how to store your aromatherapy essential oils.

Dark Glass Bottles

Unless it is an inexpensive aromatherapy essential oil you use often, your oils should not be stored in light colored or clear bottles. They definitely need to be in glass - NOT plastic. Plastic just cannot protect oil for a long length of time. If you can get a price break on an essential oil because it's sold in a clear or plastic bottle, you need to transfer the oil to a dark colored glass bottle as soon as possible.

Indigo, jade green, dark brown or black are fine colors for your glass aromatherapy essential oil bottles. If you are thinking of making your own essential oil blends (which is one of the joys of aromatherapy), then you will need a few empty dark glass bottles anyway. Unlike the oils, they are quite inexpensive. They need to have tight lids. Buy a baby dropper to help mix the oils unless the bottles come with drip tops.

Keep It Dark

You need to store your aromatherapy essential oils in a cool, dark place. Avoid keeping them in the sunlight, near heat sources or even under indoor lighting. The light can make them spoil more rapidly. However, keeping the oils in the refrigerator is usually too cold a place to keep them and makes the oils go very thick. However, if this is your only alternative, you would need to set the oil out for fifteen minutes or so to warm up.


The shelf life of your aromatherapy essential oil, if stored in a cool dark place in dark colored glass bottles, should last a couple of years or even more. However, if you are using so little of the oil that you have the bottle for a few years, perhaps you shouldn't buy that particular oil again. Going to an aromatherapy website or getting a good aromatherapy book can help you find less expensive oils to substitute.

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