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How To Cure Acid Reflux - Naturally Cure Acid Reflux With 5 Natural Health Secrets

Joe Barton

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"Natural Health" You hear those two words and you might be skeptical, curious or even excited. Whatever category you fall into you should know that if you take care of your health by drinking the adequate amount of water, exercising 3-4 times a week or even eat a healthy diet, you are all ready part of the millions who have tried natural health to heal an ailment.

You see, most people immediately think that natural health is for those people on the coasts. But, in reality natural health is a simple way of allowing your body to heal itself by giving it what it was naturally meant to have. But most of us don't give our bodies what it needs to maintain itself. And therefore, our body develops a problem.

When your body is not functioning properly, in most cases, it is asking you to change something about how you take care of it. And if you suffer from acid reflux which is also called Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), you can naturally cure acid reflux with 5 natural health secrets that most doctors would never tell you.

Are you wondering how to cure Acid Reflux naturally?

Naturally Cure Acid Reflux with 5 Natural Health Secrets

1. Heal Your LES! - Though you might have never heard of this muscle, the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) is the muscle on top of your stomach that opens and closes allowing food to enter the stomach. It also will prevent the stomach acid from coming up into your esophagus.

The problem occurs when you have a weak or damaged sphincter (LES)! However, you can actually strengthen, heal and clean (after you eat) the LES to keep a tight seal to keep the acid and foods down in your stomach. Where it belongs! This is the secret that antacid companies don't want you to know!

2. Give Your LES a Rest! - The esophagus and LES have most likely been through a lot in the last months or years. They are most likely scratched and damaged and will never fully heal unless you are proactive in allowing them to heal.

Our natural health medical doctor recommends starting your natural health treatment by not consuming any hard, crunchy foods for at least 2-3 days. Also avoid spicy and acidic foods for those days to give your esophagus and LES a chance to fully heal.

3. Water, Water, Water! - Every healthy person knows that water is critical to any healthy diet. You should be drinking half your body weight in ounces each day. I weigh 180 lbs. so I should be drink 90 ounces of water per day (11 glasses).

If you suffer from GERD, you should be drinking a full glass of water after every meal or snack. By drinking water, you allow a tight seal for your LES muscle which will keep stomach acids down.

4. Meal Time! - This is the breeding time for acid reflux flare-ups and you should be paying close attention to what you do right and wrong during your meals. First off, you should only be eating meals as big as your clutched fist. Obviously, you will be eating 5-6 times a day so your body won't notice a thing. Besides, humans are actually grazing creatures which mean we should eat small amounts throughout the day.

You should also build the habit of chewing your food thoroughly. This will eliminate numerous flare-ups and will also help you lose weight. We've had numerous customers lose 10-40 lbs. on simply chewing their food thoroughly.

5. Cut Coffee! - This is going to be tough but you should at least moderate coffee intake to once per day. If you cannot fully quit, you should drink a full glass of water after consuming coffee to get the acidic residue cleansed from the esophagus and LES.

Is There More “Cure Acid Reflux" Tips?

And that is the tip of the iceberg? Do you know what miracle ingredient was found in Egyptian pyramids that helps cure acid reflux naturally ? Do you know what type of vinegar has been shown to strengthen and fully heal the LES naturally? Are you tired of buying antacids regularly?

Make your health your top priority by naturally curing acid reflux today! And learn everything you need to know about ‘How to Cure Acid Reflux’ from your home. Visit our website today to learn how my dad naturally cured his reflux.

Naturally Cure Acid Reflux

Research-based! Doctor-approved! Guaranteed to work! Joe Barton has revolutionized the acid reflux world with a Barton Publishing Naturally Cure Acid Reflux Report. Are you next?

Naturally Cure Acid Reflux


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How to Cure Acid Reflux Disease
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