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Colonoscopy Procedure - Precautions to Take After and Before Procedure


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Colonoscopy is the process of examining the rectum and interior part of the colon (lower part of large intestine) for the sake of estimating the rectal bleeding, bowel disorders and tumors which are spotted on x-ray sheets. It is also used to check for the rectal and colon cancer in the people above 50 years of age.

In the colonoscopy procedure, a colonoscope is used by the physician to view the inner layer of colon. A colonoscope is a long and flexible instrument of ½ inches of diameter which is introduced in the body through rectum and then it advances to the large intestine.

A little quantity of tissues is removed from the body if it is required for the biopsy and polyps are removed after they are identified. A number of times colonoscopy procedure allows correct analysis and cure and there is no need of any major operation or surgery.

Before the Colonoscopy Procedure
Make the physician aware of the conditions if you are a lung or heart patient, or are allergic from certain kind of medications or if you are pregnant. Also tell him if you are on antibiotics before any surgical procedure or if you are having an artificially attached heart valve.

Take care of the following things if you are going through any kind of medication:

* A diabetic patient should regulate the insulin dose on the test day with the help of his physician. Remember to bring your medicines with you so that you can continue with it after the procedure.

* Get some alternate for blood-thinning prescribed from your physician if you are going through the medication of thinning the blood.

* Make sure that you have not taken aspirin within a week or other anti-inflammatory medicine before the procedure.

* The bulk-forming or iron containing products can make it difficult to view the colon. So, don't take any of such things for a week before the procedure.

* On the days tests are conducted, take the medicines for thyroid or heart diseases and blood pressure with water only.

During the Colonoscopy Procedure
The patient needs to wear the gown provided by the hospital and a tranquilizer and pain-relief pill is given to him. Then the patient is asked to lie on his left with knees drawn upwards. After that a colonoscope is introduced in the body, from rectum to large intestine. This procedure takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour. But there is nothing to be afraid of and the whole process is quite improvised with professional assistance.

After the Colonoscopy Procedure
The patient is kept under observation for about 30 minutes after the colonoscopy procedure. The impression of pain or gas might be felt but not for a long time. The patient is advised to continue with the normal meals and avoid the medication for blood-thinning for at least two weeks after the procedure. It is also advised to stop the use of aspirin to reduce the danger of bleeding in case polyps are removed from the body. There may be rectal bleeding if biopsy is done. But there is no need to worry as it is quite normal.

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