Noni Juice - Is Noni Juice Lining Quack Pockets?


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It certainly seems like some people think so about noni juice. You’ve heard the saying “if it’s too good to be true then it probably is”. After hearing miraculous and almost unbelievable claims about noni juice, many instantly decided it must be quack product and a scam. There is no way noni juice could do all that and not have our doctors tell us about it.

Well, you’d think that any product that would help the people, benefit people would be researched immediately by the FDA or some organization of the government. What you don’t realize is that the government runs on money. Yes our tax dollars are taken to help run the government, but lobbyists of pharmaceutical companies give lots and lots of money each year to political causes. There’s a lot of money in drug companies, but no money at all in a fruit grown on a tree. You know how expensive medicine is! That’s why no doctor or medical organization is going to promote a natural remedy.

Now that you understand that, it’s time to realize that individual doctors and organizations not connected to the government have indeed been researching the noni fruit and noni juice. What they’ve found is indeed astonishing. Noni juice contains a large amount of cancer preventing chemicals (anti-tumor). Other chemicals boost the immune system and stop free radicals (antioxidants).

When you’re suffering and traditional Western medicine has no idea or has given up on you, it’s time to turn to alternative medicine and remedies. I firmly place noni juice in this category. I don’t think people realize how desperate you are for a cure or relief. I would recommend giving noni juice a good try for whatever illness you have. With this many good things in it, it surely cannot hurt and it can only benefit. I have read that 32 ounces a day should be taken if you are fighting a tough illness. Don’t use noni juice alone, i. e. if you have pneumonia or cancer don’t skip the antibiotics and chemo and trust in noni juice! You need to use it along with Western medicine.

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What Is Noni Juice - An Ancient Health Food
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