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Flower remedies are exciting, colorful and pleasing gifts from nature. The principle that underlies flower remedies is quite simple, and astonishingly persuasive. Emotions play a crucial role in the physical and mental health of the body. Flower remedies directly address a person’s emotional state. When emotional healing takes place, psychological and physiological well-being is guaranteed.

Emotions directly influence the physical body. Many times, negative emotions block the path to recovery. By counter-balancing stress and negative feelings flower remedies erode the barriers that stand in the way of good and robust health.

Flower remedies involve the use of flower essences. The patient is presented with a number of oils and he intuitively selects the oils and essence that he needs. Usually the practitioner advises the client to consider the problems before him and then make his selection.

Flower remedies are broadly divided into two categories: the Bach system and the Bush system. The Australian Bush Flower remedies are flower remedies that have been used by the aboriginals of Australia to bring about emotional balance. This ancient system of remedy was followed by the Egyptians too. But the science and the secrets were lost with the passage of time.

The Bach system of flower remedies was discovered by Dr. Edward Bach, who re-discovered this ancient secret about fifty years ago. His aim was to make remedies to emotional maladies available to everyone through a simple and uncomplicated system of natural medicine. His discovery of the flower remedies was quite accidental and purely based on his own experience.

The Bach flower remedies are made up of a set of 38 different herbal remedies. These remedies are specially prepared from the essence of petals and the heads of flowers. Each therapeutic essence is made from a particular type of ‘potentized’ flower and is stored in unflavored brandy to prevent spoilage.

Since they are natural, Bach flower remedies are non-addictive and non-toxic. They utilize the power of the flower to equalize and harmonize emotional sensitivities. In this way the remedy acts as a catalyst that alleviates underlying stress and brings about a cure.

The advantage of flower remedies is that they utilize the many healing properties of plants and assist in clearing the blocks that stand between the individual and his/her Higher Self. These flower essences give clarity to one’s life purpose and hence supply strength, courage and enthusiasm to follow through with one’s goals and purposes. By giving emotions precedence over the physical self, flower remedies look at healing from a totally different angle. They begin healing from the inside-out, instead of the other way round as is practiced in conventional medicine.

Flower remedies help an individual develop a high level of self-esteem, intuition, spirituality and creativity. They help resolve any distress faced by the individual. The effect of flower remedies on the individual is akin to the effect of meditation. Healing happens because one’s entire system is flooded with positive energy. They awaken us to new possibilities and thus unleash the healing power lying silently inside.

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